10 tips to get the best out of your Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is the second largest emirate, second to the capital, Abu Dhabi. The main attractions in Dubai are The Dubai fountain, the Wild Wadi Water Park, the Palm Islands, ski Dubai, Dubai museum, creek, marina and so on. Another famous tourist attraction in Dubai is the Desert Safari, which includes a camel ride, sunset view, stargazing, wildlife safari and much more.

Several agencies provide desert safari tours in Dubai. Their packages and services vary along with their prices. Each agency offers different packages, duration, activities and even food. Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of your desert safari in Dubai, regardless of the host agency.travelfinderss

  • A Desert safaris is hot, rugged and a load of fun. Wear light summer clothes so that you feel cool and comfortable throughout your expedition. The desert is a lot hotter than the city, and there are no buildings to cast shadows on the surface. Thin, light clothes help reflect heat, keeping you cool and comfortable. Unlike other places within the emirates, the desert safari has no dress restrictions. Carrying a change of clothes is would be extremely helpful.
  • Sunscreen is extremely important if you do not want to suffer from severe sunburn later on. The desert is wide, open land with no shade; the sun rays are direct and strong and can cause bad sunburns. Even if you apply sunscreen before the safari, it would be safe to carry a tube with you in a bag or backpack. Sunglasses and a hat are also absolute requirements. Protecting your eyes and head from the bright hot desert sun can keep you from getting a headache or sunstroke.
  • The desert is home to several species of desert snakes, scorpions, lizards, bugs, and beetles. These magnificent creatures are a sight for the curious traveler. A camera is a definite essential to capture every moment, creature, sight, and memory. A part of the safari includes a desert sunset view, where the vehicle stops atop a Dune for you to watch the sunset. The view is spectacular, and a camera would do you good.
  • Dune bashing is a wild, adrenaline pumping, heart dropping experience. The people who drive the safari vehicles are professional drivers and extremely cautious. This part of the safari includes racing up and down the dunes, drifting, skidding, spinning and leaping. A light lunch and little water intake are advisable for you to enjoy the ride.
  • The entire safari is fun, hot and entertaining. Carrying a small hand towel of your own is useful to wipe the sweat off of your face and neck. Towels are usually provided at the dinner stop of the safari, but you can use yours until then.
  • The host usually provides water, but it would not hurt to carry a bottle of your own, just in case. Carrying some snacks in your backpack too would be a good idea. In case you get the munchies in the middle of the safari.
  • The Camel ride is one of the best parts of the safari. It is one of the best things you can do while in Dubai. Carrying a soft or inflatable cushion can help make your camel ride a little more comfortable. If you have any joint pain or ailment like arthritis or a replacement, taking pain medication before the camel ride is advisable.
  • The desert seems like an endless landscape of sand, sand and more sand. Walking or running in the sand with shoes or sneakers and socks can be a real headache. Sand can easily get inside your shoes and make you very uncomfortable. Sandals are probably the best choice of footwear for a desert safari.
  • Brushing up on your astronomy or carrying a small star and constellation book is very useful. When the sun goes down, the stars shine brightly in the night sky. The sight of the starry sky over the dunes is spectacular. Stargazing and finding constellations is a great way to spend the night.
  • The temperature in the desert drops a lot in the night. Carrying a jacket or a coat would probably be a good idea. The desert is extremely hot during the day and extremely cold during the night.

These few tips can help you get the best out of you desert safari, and make your experience worth every penny. Most desert safari hosts provide conveyance to and from your hotel, so transportation is not an issue. The desert safari in Dubai is something everyone has to experience, at least once. The entire experience from the Dune bashing, ATVs and Camel rides to stargazing and dinner would make memories for a lifetime.

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