3 Office partitions For A Magnificent Workplace

Office partitions have set a trend in the corporate world, they provide an effective solution towards optimising space and providing a suitable work environment. Most business organisations demand a well furnished office, and help improve productivity. Office partitions can transform a dull working environment into a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere. They are easy to install, involve less labour and are relatively cheap. Most interior designers study your work environment and suggest setting up partitions to enhance visual appeal. They are a cost effective solution to suit your business needs.

There are different types of panels used in office partitions, you can choose the one which is best suited to your work environment. Office partitions can be modified, they can be set as temporary, permanent, full or half height partitions. Here are three types of partitions commonly used in offices and business firms.


Glass or Glazed partitions

Glass partitions have become a favourite office option, glass panels are easy to clean, easy to fit and adapt to any environment. They come in frame-less and framed options, they can be suspended from ceilings fitted to railings and used in combination with folding, or sliding doors. They can be re-enforced with additional glass panels to improve overall strength.

Some glass panels are embedded within wooden or aluminium frames to prevent damage. You can choose between 10, 12 or 15 mm toughened glass depending on the height of the partition. Glass panels can be tinted to prevent excess sunlight or UV rays. You can choose between smoked, frosted, mirror, laminated or stained glass panels for your glass partitions.

Acoustic glass panels help prevent noise pollution, they can reduce noise levels by 50 decibels. Smoked or frosted glass panels can be used in areas which demand a private environment. Damaged glass panels can be fixed easily using tape or adhesive glue. You can improve visual appeal by adding acrylic artwork and company logo on glass panels.


Timber or wood partitions   

Wooden partitions add an elegant look to your work environment, they add warmth to the atmosphere. Since wood doesn’t trap heat they provide a pleasant atmosphere to work in, they meet the challenges of modern office fit outs. Timber can be used for door and glazing films, they can be designed to be used as folding partitions, room separators and sliding door partitions. They can be used in reception areas, board rooms, executive office suites and dining areas.  Different types of wood such as plywood, timber, rosewood and mahogany are used in wooden partitions. Wooden panels can be painted to your desired colour.


Wire mesh partitions     

Wire mesh partitions can be used in areas which demand high security and privacy. Wires which are made up of re-enforced steel frames are woven and welded together to form wire mesh panels. A wire mesh panel can be powder coated with anti oxidants to prevent corrosion. There are different types of wire mesh panels which are used in different applications.


Welded wire mesh panel has an even surface, woven wire mesh panel have high strength and used with galvanised steel. Chain link wire mesh panels comprise of a steel frame powder coated with a grey surface, they are heat resistant but have an outdated design. Crimped wire mesh panels are easy to install and manufacture, they can be used in laboratories and research facilities. Expanded metal wire panels can be used as partitions in prisons, warehouses and other similar areas.

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