3 Products Given By Soil Suppliers That You May Not Know

Did you know that soil suppliers not only create different types of soil mixtures but also provide gravel, pebbles and sandstones for landscaping? They also perform a thorough analysis of the soil at your site and make a custom mixture of soil to suit the surrounding of your site. They check your soil by conducting a litmus test to the soil and balance the PH level of the soil by adding suitable chemicals. If you are worried about replacing your soil then worry no more as soil suppliers have excavators, dump trucks, earth moving equipment and construction equipment to conduct soil replacement. They transport soil, deliver them to your site and fill your land to the brim. They pack the soil in different ways, they transport soil from the location and pack them in sacks, gunny bags and large airtight cartons according to the nature of the soil. You can choose different types of soil mixtures ranging from topsoil, clayey soil, red soil, black soil and customized soil mixtures as well. They provide soil mixtures for mining projects, construction projects, agricultural farming and landscaping operations.

Premium Soil

Soil suppliers create premium quality soil which comprises of a mixture of different layers of soil which comes in three different variants. These three variants include premium soil for farming, premium soil for mining and premium soil for construction. Some soil suppliers conduct an on-site soil mix which allows you to look at the soil first hand which helps you choose the best mix which is suitable for your garden. They also allow you to customize the soil to your liking and plant grass as well. Due to its unique qualities, you can get the best results for both agricultural purpose and also for landscaping. The premium soil is naturally weed-free and is an ideal blend of loam organic material and sand which makes the correct position. It also consists of organics which are composted for over 2 years to add richness to the compound. Some companies provide a customized triple mix to the soil which enhances its overall composition.

Premium soil

Gravel, Stones And Aggregates

Soil suppliers also provide different types of sand based aggregates which are mainly used for landscaping and gardening. Some popular aggregates include chipotle pebble, polished black pebble, snowball pebble, unpolished black pebble, brick sand, play sand, clear stone, aquarium stones, concrete sand, crush run, granite pea stone and granite pebble. Some of them can also be used for construction purposes as well. Let’s take an example if gravel stone is mixed with concrete it will enhance the structural integrity of a building to a great extent. Soil suppliers distribute decorative aggregates such as river rocks, small granular stones and pond stones which come in different textures and colours. They can be used as an accent around a patio or at border painting beds which create an informal walkway or a living space. They enhance the surrounding to a great extent. Soil suppliers also provide granite pebbles, high-performance bedding gravel, large granite pebble, large granite pond stone, local pea stone and roofing stone. Some other examples of aggregate stones include red chip bricks, red lava rocks, screenings, white marble and yellow peastone gravel.


A soil supplier deals with mixing different mulch and apply it to the surface layer of the soil to conserve soil moisture and enhance air circulation effectively. Mulch is best suited for gardening as it blends with the potting soil and enhances plant growth to a great extent. Soil suppliers provide black mulch, cocoa shell mulch, pine bark nuggets, brown mulch, red mulch, cedar mulch, hemlock mulch pine blend mulch, maple wood chips black rubber mulch and red rubber mulch. Mulches can help prevent pest infestation and reduce weed expansion. Suppliers use a special type of mulch which helps the garden soil through dry spells as they need water for sustenance. It acts as a natural insulation to protect during the winter cold and summer heat. Soil suppliers create a unique mixture of mulch which comes in different shades that are crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden.


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