3D Printed Office building in Dubai

The sky is not the limit for those committed to innovation. The UAE has once again proved that they would like to be a step ahead over other nations and are progressing in leaps and bounds in implementing the latest technology in every sector. The nation has been making progress in the field of innovation by developing smart buildings, in the last quarter of the dff2last year introduced the concept of green buildings. Now they have taken another leap by building the world’s first 3d printed building. The UAE has the ambition of converting 25% of all their buildings to 3d printed buildings.

The building was printed by an industrial printer that measure 120ft in height and 40ft in breadth. A special form of cement and building materials were used in the construction that was manufactured by USA and UAE. The building covers an area of 250 square feet.

dff1The cost of labor has been cut by half and the duration of construction was just seventeen days. This is a massive accomplishment given the short duration and the amount of cost that has been cut to complete the project. The building is said to be fifty percent cheaper than if it were built in the traditional way. The building is a fully functional building at Dubai’s city center and the entire building including the interior decoration and the furniture was printed. The Building would be the office of the Dubai Future Foundation.

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The building is the first of its kind, and in the next decade many more such structures are expected to rise in UAE. The nation is the forerunner and has equipped itself with the technology that prints buildings.

With the inauguration of the fully functional 3D printed office building the UAE is well on its way to being the nucleus of economies that use sustainable energy.    

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