4 Must Have Qualities Of A Recruitment Consultant

The job of a recruitment consultant can be quite challenging as he needs to balance between the demands set by the client company and the requests put forward by the candidate. The consultant needs to be well versed with the client company’s requirement as they need to select a candidate who satisfies that requirement. He/she needs to be very proficient in communication and well versed in the current ongoing market trends. If you are looking to hire a recruitment consultant you need to look out for these four key qualities.



Strategic Thinker

Back in the day recruiting candidates was more like a number game rather than an interactive session. Nowadays consultants follow a more innovative and interactive approach towards recruitment. They need to target companies based on their size, previous use of agencies, number of hires per year, the reputation of the company and much more. They prepare a list of companies which are willing to invest in hiring recruitment services and use creative methods to attract their attention. In order to attract candidates for recruitment, consultants need to incorporate different methods. Some popular methods are by posting advertisements in newspapers, social media or conducting recruitment campaigns to attract candidates.

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Effective Communication Skill

Recruitment consultants spend a lot of time on the phone and meet new people in person on a daily basis. Therefore their communication skills need to be impeccable and good enough to impress clients. They act as a link between the employer and the prospective employee; they need to be great at negotiating an agreement which is mutually beneficial for both the parties. Recruitment consultants need to be good at building relationships, referring candidates, networking and sharing information. They need to make sure that all parties are satisfied with the service that is being provided. They need to get in touch with talented candidates who are well experienced in the field. Their communication skills need to be good enough to build new relationships and establish a wide network to connect with talented individuals.

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Good assessment skill

A good recruitment consultant must have exceptional questioning skills. He/she needs to pose the right questions to make the recruiter understand their needs and expectations. Rather than interrogating their client they need to ask the right question to better understand them. By posing the right question they can identify the requirement of both the client and the candidate. It can make the candidate comfortable and well prepared. Instead of bombarding candidates with technical questions recruitment consultants need to make them feel comfortable by asking about their hobbies and other activities. The process of gathering information is a tedious process as it involves a lot of questioning, therefore, consultants need to adopt an interactive yet efficient method for assessment. They need to compare the candidate’s skill set with the client company’s expectation to assess the candidate. They need to incorporate different methods for assessment such as by conducting seminars, aptitude tests, interactive group discussions, debates and mock interviews. The above methods will help motivate candidates and prepare them for the final job interview.


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Up to date with trends

A recruitment consultant must be updated with the current marketing trends and incorporate innovative methods to search for clients and assess candidates. Since sourcing has become more diverse by the day they need to stay in sync with the top trends to maximize the business and satisfy more clients. They need to incorporate digital marketing techniques to get in sync with the target audience and with websites like facebook, twitter and Linked-in right around the corner it’s gotta be child’s play. You also need to make sure that the recruitment consultant uses multiple venues to hunt for prospective clients rather than focusing on a single source.

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