4 trending Designs of Kitchen Cabinets

A Kitchen, the heart of the home is where families not only enjoy their food and also the company of their loved ones. A Kitchen is by far the most important and most used room of the house. The value of the kitchen adds substantial value to the entire home. When designing a Kitchen and installing Kitchen cabinets, comfort and accessibility are the primary aspects that are given attention to. In the modern world with modern gadgets becoming much a part of our lives new trends in every aspect of interior designing are emerging. These trends have also found a place in the way Kitchens and Kitchen cabinets are being designed to suit the needs of the modern man. In vogue is also the colors of the 80’s that are making a come back. Soft and muted colors and white, gray and black are the colors that are being preferred.

Kitchen Cabinets for the Tech Savvy: For those who like to stay connected through mobiles and other tech gadgets, Kitchen designers have come up with solutions. Kitchen cabinets now come with built-in charging stations, hands-free functions and mobile and tablet holders. Having to use your phone or the uneasiness of missing a call while in the kitchen could be a bit of an inconvenience. Designers in today’s world have come up with options to make your experience in the kitchen most beneficial while staying connected through tech gadgets. This is one of the most modern trends that are evolving in Kitchen and Kitchen cabinet design in the current year.


Space Efficient Designs: Another emerging trend in kitchen designs are designs that use every inch of available space. Designs that are functional and provide better storage solutions are the oft preferred choice. Some of these designs include wall mounted storage, with hooks and racks on which utensils could be hung or stored. A magnetic knife rack could also be included in some of the wall mounted storage designs. Other space efficient designs that are sought after are the island with cabinets and a sink and the pullout designs. The island design is similar to a table in the middle of the room with cabinets that act as a pantry and fit in almost every utensil. A pullout pantry can be fit in between cabinets or any available corner.  Pullout shelving is a design that allows designers to put even the tiny spaces to optimum use.


Shaker Style: A simple design with wood or material brings back to life a trend that has existed for more than a century. Shakers are simple square designs that can go hand in hand with a traditional or modern design. The preferred color for wood shaker cabinets is most often white. Shakers give a kitchen a neat and classic look.


Horizontal Cabinets: Horizontal cabinets have started to take over the market. They bring certain advantages of providing more space and offering better organization and hence are preferred over square and rectangle cabinets. Since a horizontal cabinet is wider it can accommodate more utensils and also make it easily accessible.


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