5 Benefits Of Owning A Hybrid Car

What is a Hybrid Car?

Ever felt that you are spending too much money for fuel, you might wanna consider switching to a hybrid car to get away with a fat wallet. Hybrid cars are known to deliver high fuel efficiency, these cars are equipped with an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. They make a positive impact on the environment by reducing the carbon foot print on the environment.

Hybrid cars use an electric engine to power the car at slow speeds and a conventional petrol or diesel engine to power the engine at high speeds. Their engines emit less carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. They help you conserve fuel and are more reliable as compared to gasoline powered vehicles. This hybrid technology has existed since the early 20th century but has come into play only in the recent decade due to the subsided price involved in manufacturing. Some countries conduct government incentive programs which provide special credit and offer special discounts to support the purchase and use of hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars use a combination of two distinct types of power which include an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. If the electric motor fails then the combustion engine will use petrol or diesel to power the car. In the same manner if the internal combustion engine fails then the electric engine will power the car. Some commonly used hybrid cars today are the Toyota Prius, Honda accord and the Honda Civic hybrid. Here are 5 benefits of switching to a Hybrid car.


Environment Friendly

Hybrid cars are designed to run on cleaner fuel and provide a better gas mileage thereby making it Eco-friendly. These engines are designed to cut fuel consumption and conserve energy. You need not go easy on the throttle as hybrid cars are equipped with an integrated throttle response control system which limits the amount of fuel supplied even if you go hard on the throttle. An improved gas mileage will result in reduced emission of carbon dioxide. They are designed with dual catalytic converters which drastically reduce emissions. Hybrid cars need not undergo emission check up, this helps you save time and money effectively.



Reduced Fuel Cost

This is the most important and the most praised benefit of owning a hybrid car. A battery assisted vehicle will save money at the fuel pump. Hybrid cars are equipped with smaller fuel tanks, they have an astounding range and deliver an average fuel efficiency of 50 miles per gallon. These cars can be used as an effective means of transportation in bumper to bumper traffic and also on long highway drives as the difference in total fuel consumed in both cases are less.



Maximum Return On Investment

Hybrid cars go heavy on the pocket as they are more expensive than conventional cars this is because they are equipped with two engines and designed with high end technology. However their return on investment is instant due to reduced fuel cost, maintenance cost and insurance cost. If you drive responsible and carefully it would extend your battery life and engine life. Some countries will offer additional incentives, discounts on vehicle registration and taxes for hybrid car owners. They also provide extra income tax rebates which is an added financial benefit of investing in a hybrid car. In fact you need not charge the battery of your hybrid car because they are equipped with self charging lithium ion batteries as these batteries are designed to charge on the run.



Reduced Idling

Idle engines are known to contribute for excess pollution and waste fuel. Hybrid cars never idle their engines because once the car comes to a halt their internal combustion motor stops automatically but the electric motor remains switched on. This results in reduced emission and fuel conservation. Car’s electric motor resorts to powering the seat heaters, radio and climate control system until the vehicle moves again to reignite the combustion engine.



Increased Resale Value

If you are looking forward to buy a used hybrid car you might have noticed it’s high resale value when compared to its gas only counterparts. This is due to the fact that hybrid cars are sold in smaller batches, which makes them rarer than gasoline models. You will find it difficult to hunt for a hybrid car in any given area due to its high demand and rare availability. All hybrid cars are highly reliable and very durable which results in a heavy price tag even for a used vehicle. If you switch to a hybrid car and plan to sell it after a period of ten years you will get a good quoted price for your old car.

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