5 Benefits of Using Fleet Management Software

Fleet management helps you optimise costs, reduce risk and increase efficiency in fleet operations. Searching for transport agencies and establishing a contract can be time consuming and highly cumbersome. In order to save time and increase productivity you can make use of the services provided by fleet management companies. Most manufacturing industries, wholesalers and other related organisations relay on fleet managers to subsidise costs, maximise profit, administer logistical operations and mitigate risks of their fleet vehicles. Fleet management companies focus on optimising five main aspects such as operational cost effectiveness, vehicle maintenance, workforce management, vehicle safety compliance and operational efficiency.


Manufacturers and wholesalers cannot focus on multiple aspects which include vehicle maintenance, safety improvisation and periodic tracking. Since all these factors are interrelated, fleet management companies create a software application which provides a single rich data solution for tracking areas of fleet management. They create a GPS fleet management software which helps you address multiple issues in the click of a button. Here are a five ways how fleet management software can help you manage your fleet effectively.


Optimises Operational Cost

Fleet managers reduce the possibility for drivers to abuse company fuel and prevent theft and loss. Some fleet management software applications associate companies fleet fuel purchase and mach them to real time vehicle locations, this allows the owner to keep tabs on fuel usage. GPS tracking systems drastically reduce the probability of theft and loss.


Periodic Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet management software allows you to set up alerts for periodic engine checkups and servicing. In this manner you will not miss out on regular servicing and ensure optimum functionality for your vehicles. Most GPS devices are powered by battery engines they can detect a low vehicle battery and notify the owner before hand thereby minimising the chance of brake downs. This not only saves repair costs but also time involved in conducting repairs .


Effective Workforce Management

Prolonged vehicle idling can result in heavy loss, statistics say that logistic companies loose up to 20 billion dollars in fuel cost every year. Fleet management software is designed to detect stationary vehicles with running engines, they are also designed to coach drivers to reduce prolonged vehicle idling. Some software are programmed to automatically switch off the engine if it is left idle for a specific period of time. Fleet management software alerts you if your driver drives in a reckless manner. This software detects speeding, hard braking and erratic lane changing and warns the driver to stop this practice.


Improvises Vehicle Safety and Compliance

This software is reduces distracted driving by providing a GPS system which directs the driver through safe routes, vehicle maintenance and provides driver coaching to improve fleet safety. Some advanced software applications monitor driver health and alert the owner if the vehicle faces an accident.


Increases Operational Efficiency

Fleet management software helps you increase operational efficiency by moving products and services to retailers and customers as fast as possible. GPS vehicle tracking helps you in effective asset utilisation and ease up the inspection process. Some fleet management companies attach an integrated weighing system to their trailers which calculates the weight of the loaded goods efficiently. They alert you if the trailer is being overloaded or if there it is missing goods. Fleet management software also help drivers and dispatchers optimise their work schedule and plan routes which are free of traffic or road blocks. They are also designed to calculate the time of arrival and departure accurately.

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