The UAE has much to offer to any visitor who reaches its shores. An historian or an archaeologist could rediscover the past at the museums and archaeological digging sites. For a tourist who is more of the adventurous kind, there is sky diving, bungee jumping, off road driving, camping in the desert any many more.  The country also offers tranquility and calm at its beautiful beaches, wondrous resorts and spas.

Here are some of the best spa treatments you could treat yourself to while you are in the UAE.

Amara Massage: The amara massage is a special massage treatment offered at the Amara Spa in Dubai. Oils that are a fusion of frankincense, amber and sandalwood are used.  These oils soften and nourish your skin. After an hour or an hour a half of deep massage you will be rejuvenated and your skin so smooth.spa 2

Caviar Sublime facial: A facial offered at the Atarmia Spa, Park Hyatt, in Abu Dhabi, is the best facial to fight ageing skin. A treatment in which caviar and other products from the sea such as seaweed and spirulina is used. These products contain anti-ageing substances that would leave you feeling younger than ever before.spa 4

Elakkizhi Massage: One of the forms of Indian massages, the Elakkizhi massage has huge benefits for the entire body. It helps to strengthen the spine and alleviate muscle stiffness. The warm roasted leaf bags and ayurvedic oils that are used, helps soothe your body as it removes toxins. The massage also helps to improve blood circulation in the body.

Moroccan Hammam: A Hammam in the Middle East is a place similar to a public bath. The bath is unique in its own way as it also includes a procedure of exfoliation followed by an ice cold bath. The Moroccan Hammam at the Al Asalla Spa provides a traditional experience. It begins with a cleansing with a black soap followed by exfoliation; during which a masseur massages to remove dead skin from your body. This is a harsh scrub until every inch of dead skin is removed. The Moroccan Hammam is open only to Ladies.spa 3

Hot Stone Therapy massage: The massage begins with a foot cleansing. Hot stones are then placed on your back while your entire body is massaged. The hot stones are placed at certain points. The heat from the stones helps relieve stress from the muscles. It is one of the most soothing forms of massage.spa1

Turmeric Restorative Treatment: A treatment that would leave your skin glowing and your body relaxed and fresh. It begins with a turmeric scrub and after a wash you will be covered in a turmeric mask. You would then be wrapped in plastic and an electric blanket for about 20 minutes. During these 20 minutes, you would be given a head massage, helping you relax. After another wash, a soft and soothing massage will leave your skin smooth and refreshed.

UAE known for its luxury has on offer a wide range of spas. These Spa treatments would have a lasting effect on your body, relieving stress, strengthening and relaxing muscles and breathing new life into your body.

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