6 Free Things to do in Dubai

Everyone knows that one has to spend an armload of cash to visit Dubai, one of the wealthiest cities in the world. We’ve found six of the free things to do in Dubai, from a day spent feeding the turtles or even a cheeky night movie under the blanket of stars.

1) Turtle Rehabilitation Centre at Mina A’Salam

As a part of conserving the wildlife this, Turtle Rehabilitation Centre was established at Mina A’Salam Hotel. There are two public enclosures which people can visit. The sick and rescued turtles from the wild are taken care of by the staff and then released back into the wild. If one heads all the way till Al Muna Restaurant area people are allowed to feed the turtles.

2) Cycling at the bike track near Nad Al Sheba

The cycling track situated at Nad Al Sheba serves two purposes. One is the spectacular view of Downtown Dubai and the Burj Khalifa and second, a place where you can teach your young ones the traffic rules, road safety and train them to cycle. This track has two tracks for varied competency levels. There are 850-metre children’s proficiency course and a track for children aged 4-14 with all the speed bumps, Traffic Signs, and roundabouts.

3) Movie night under the stars-

A perfect place for movie buffs and romantic couples is the Pyramids Rooftop Gardens at Wafi Mall. It starts late in the night which is perfect for the bright stars overhead which makes it, even more, romantic.

4) Dubai Fountain

The famous Las Vegas Bellagio fountains have been replicated at The Dubai Mall by the same team. The world`s largest fountains have afternoon as well as evening shows so you won`t miss it. It uses 22,000 gallons of water which go up to a height of 500ft.

5) Dubai Light and Sound Show

Once again at the Wafi Mall, we have the spectacular Return of the Pharaoh’s light show. This Egyptian themed shows projects images on the buildings of the mall and the Pyramids. The special effects used or top notch. The kids will for sure love this. Although it starts little late in the night but still worth staying up.

6) Posh Paws Animal Sanctuary and Farm

This is a shelter home for all the four-legged animals who have been donated, rescued or abandoned by their owners. It is a non-profit farm which runs solely on donations made by people visiting it.

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