7 Must Have Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is used in construction work, dam projects and mining operations. Heavy equipment help you ease up the construction process by performing large excavations and monotonous work. They help you save time and avoid labour cost. Heavy equipment are classified as earth moving equipment, construction vehicles, material handling and construction equipment.
Excavators are heavy construction equipment which is equipped with a long bucket arm which is attached to a pivoting cab. The operator can sit in the pivoting cab which gives a full 360 degree view of the construction site. This equipment is used to dig dirt, perform large excavations, lift heavy items and clear debris. They are also used in digging trenches for diverting water, demolition, rough grading, brush cutting, pipe installation, dewatering, irrigation, mining and river dredging.


Backhoe Loaders
Backhoe loaders are equipped with an adjustable hydraulic shovel in front and a small bucket at the back. They are classified as medium sized construction equipment which is used for smaller jobs which involve minimal load operations. They are used to move dirt, back fill areas, dig trenches, install small pipes etc. They are mounted on tires and due to their relatively small size they can be used in urban areas and patios. It comes with a detectable bucket at the back which can be modified to dig trenches of different widths.

Back hoe loader

Smooth Wheel Rollers
Smooth wheel rollers self propelled rollers which are used in ground levelling and road laying, They weight between five to fifteen tonnes and consist of one large roller at the back and a small roller in front. The weight of the rollers can be increased by filling water or sand ballast in the hollow cylinder. Smooth wheel rollers are efficient in compacting granular soil types such as sand gravel and crushed stone.

Smooth wheel roller

Dump Trucks
Dump trucks are used in moving heavy earth, they are designed to carry soil, debris, and gravel. They are heavy duty trucks which have a strongly built body which is hinged to the truck’s chassis and a rear dump which is connected to a hydraulic jack. These trucks are best suited to haul wet clay, sand, gravel, quarry rocks etc. There are different types of dump trucks such as side dump trucks, rear dump tucks, bottom dump trucks and dumpers.

 Dump trucks

Cranes are hoisting equipment which are designed in lifting heavy weights and moving them from one location to another at a reasonable distance. They are used in constructing dams, industrial buildings etc. Cranes are capable of providing three dimensional movement of a weight, they are designed to carry weights of up to 45 tonnes. There are different types of cranes such as stationary cranes, mobile cranes, gantry cranes, traveller cranes and tower cranes.


Conveyors are used to transport materials from one place to another over a stationary structure. They are equipped with a series of small buckets which are mounted on an endless chain or belt. Conveyors are used in mining, construction and manufacturing industries. Some commonly used conveyors are belt conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket conveyors and aerial transport.


Pile Driving Machines

Pile driving machines are heavy equipment machines which are designed to lift and hold piles in position, these machines drive the piles using a hammer to drive them inward. They are designed at an economical cost and help you save labour. They are diesel powered machines which use compressed air to drive piles into the ground. There are two types of pile driving machines which are commonly used they are pile driving rings and pile driving hammers. These machines are used to lay underground pipes and bore well digging.

Pile driving machiene

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