7 Things To Expect from Business Setup Service Companies In UAE

Companies which provide business setup services guide clients through the formal procedures of setting up an industry. These services help manufacturing industries, service providers and other corporate industries. They setup all types of businesses such as sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, corporation, limited liability company, non profit organisation and cooperative business. Here are seven things to expect from business setup service companies in the UAE.


Setting up an Offshore Company
Business setup service companies in UAE help clients who are looking forward to conduct business in the country of incorporation. This drastically reduces tax load for company owners. Some perks of setting up an offshore company in UAE are highly maintained anonymity, no foreign currency usage, additional asset protection, access to local bank accounts, no required minimum capital and no audit requirements. Companies help clients produce relevant documents and register their company in the UAE official gazette. If you are looking to set up a business without a complex framework you need to go for an offshore company.

Setting up a Free Zone Company
A free zone company licenses trading, industrial goods, manufacturing, commercial activities, consulting, service processing and media operations. Business setup service companies help you get a residence visa to owners and employees in a weeks time. They assist you in obtaining an Emirates ID in a months time. They produce legal documents and wait for the business license approval process from relevant authorities from where the license is issued. This approval process can take 15 to 25 days according to the chosen project activity. Companies also help you register your trademark in the UAE official gazette.

Setting up a Mainland Company
A limited liability company enables foreign individuals and organisations who are interested in establishing long term relationships with the local business community. Most business setup service companies complete all procedures within three months from the date of submitting the documents. Setting up a mainland company enables access to the UAE government business and the local economy. There are no restrictions on foreign exchange, capital repatriation or hiring expatriates. Company owners are entitled to apply for a three year investor visa.

Effective Administration and Management
Business setup service companies help you recruit charted accountants, managers and staff. They manage information through professionals who plan, direct and coordinate the process accordingly. They also administrate the by archiving legal documents, contracts and amendments accordingly. They maintain contacts with higher officials in the department of economic development to receive updates periodically and speed up the company registration process.

Visa processing
Obtaining a visa in UAE is not an easy task. Companies which provide business setup services in UAE help residents obtain visa. European citizens do not require a visa for a visit of 30 days. This may extend to 90 days under certain circumstances. Companies clients apply investor visas, partner visas, employment visas, family visas, tourist visas and visit visas. However the estimated time frame in obtaining a visa depends on the approval of immigration in UAE.

Opening Bank Accounts
Business setup companies have tie ups with some of the leading banks in the United Arab Emirates. They can help you open a bank account for your company easily. They appoint client relationship managers to assist employees in making arrangements for approval and activation of your bank account.


Real Estate Management Services

Business setup service companies help add value to your property by appointing real estate agents who assess the value of your property and make suitable arrangements if you want to sell your asset. They also help you in buying property at cheaper rate. They provide real estate management services such as property management, consulting, facilities management and property accounting.

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