8 Myths About Car Window Tinting

If you are looking forward to upgrade your car, window tinting is a very smart investment to make. You might find plenty of information about the benefits of car window tinting online, however there are some misconceptions about them which can be quite misleading. Here are eight myths which need to be debunked.


MYTH: Car Window Tinting is Just for Show

In contrary to this myth window tint can actually make your car safer to drive as is blocks solar glare. You need not use a car shade to shield your eyes from direct sunlight or light shining off nearby buildings or snow and water on road. It also reduces the amount of heat that your car takes when parked under direct sunlight.

Tinted car windows look undeniably cool however the practical benefit of window tinting is more important than the aesthetic benefits. High quality window tinting film is designed to block 99% of ultraviolet light. They protect your car’s upholstery from fading and prevent skin tanning, skin cancer and skin tanning. Car window tints are made up of a blend of natural and synthetic material. As a matter of fact some window tinting films are made from natural carbon or ceramic material. They also help save battery life by reducing strain on your air conditioning system.


MYTH: Window Tinting Films are Bound to Bubble and Discolour Over Time

This is certainly not true because a properly applied window tint will never bubble. If you happen to notice bubbling on tinted car windows it is not due to poor quality film but is due to improper installation. Metalized window tinting films do not fade due to time and stay in the same condition as they were on the day of installation. Most window tints are made up of metalized particles, metal dye hybrids or ceramic particles which are not prone to discolouring. If you hire a professional installation expert to tint your car window they will remain smooth and bubble free.


MYTH: Window Tinting Will Make My Car Look Dark

Window tint comes in different shades of colours, but no film is is designed to completely block light from entering the car. As a matter of fact some are designed to remain completely transparent. You can choose the level of darkening according to your country’s traffic laws.


MYTH: Window Tinting Prevents your Car Window From Breaking

Tinting films are designed to filter UV rays and provide privacy however they are not designed to strengthen the integrity of glass. They are not strong enough to stop windows from breaking. Tinting your car windows can help prevent the glass from scattering and protect passengers from injury. Some tinting films are designed to be scratch resistant.


MYTH: The Darker The Window Tint the Better Protection From Sunlight and UV Rays.

This is purely a myth as darker window tints are designed to provide better privacy but offer almost the same resistance to sunlight as compared to a lighter shade. Today there are several window tints which offer full protection to sunlight and UV rays but are lighter in shade. Older tinting films such as dyed films were designed to block sunlight due to the intensity of dye but newer films have an additional layer of IR coating. This IR coating is designed to block both UV rays and infrared heat.


MYTH: The UV Protection of My window Film Will Loose Its Effectiveness Over Time.

Most modern window tinting films are designed with a proprietary adhesive system that doesn’t loose its effectiveness over a period of time. Solar control wind film panels are designed to last for a period of 15 to 20 years. This is why most companies which sell window films issue a warranty of 15 years to customers.


MYTH: Car Window Tinting Is Illegal

Car window tinting is not illegal you need to refer to your country’s traffic laws to know more. In UAE all vehicles with the exception of trucks and commercial vehicles can tint their car windows. However if they exceed 50 % tint limit they need to remove their film and pay a fine of Dh1,500. The UAE government also prohibits tint of any shade on the front windshield.


MYTH:  Car Window Tinting Will Lower The Resale Value of My Car

Unless you improperly install your window film it will never decrease the resale value of your car. As a matter of fact your car will have an increased resale value if your windows are tinted with high grade tinting film. A good quality tint will prevent upholstery from fading, keep your car cool on hot sunny days and provide scratch resistance. These are valid reasons that increase the resale value of your car.

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