Boeing 777 From Thiruvananthapuram to Dubai Crash lands at Dubai International Airport

The past few years has seen a few terrifying mishaps during air travel; with missing planes and air crashes. The situation has not seen to improve with yet another incident involving a Boeing 777 that crashed landed at the Dubai International airport a few hours ago. The flight EK521 carrying 275 passengers from Trivandrum international Airport at Thiruvananthapuram, India had to make an emergency landing at the Dubai international Airport.

plane crash

It has been reported that the aircraft caught fire mid-air and raged through the aircraft as it crash landed. Dense black fumes were seen coming from the top of the airplane that seems to be damaged.  Firefighters who rushed to the scene were faced with the ordeal of bringing the fire and the fumes under control.

The Dubai airport was immediately shut to both the inbound and outbound airplanes until further notice. The cause for the crash landing is not yet determined.

But the Silver lining of the incident is that all passengers were escorted to safety with no major injuries being reported so far.

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