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Stories about how life was before the dawn of electricity are a constant reminder of life in the middle ages, but that is something one can never imagine. In a world where it’s difficult to live an hour without air conditioning and where cooking requires electrical appliances, Electricity has changed human life in ways that can barely be fathomed. In countries where electricity arrived on the scene during the later part of the 20th century, there are people who could testify to what life was at 6 in the evening without the lights. From staying indoors to the dim flame of a flickering candle and during the day the chores of washing clothes and doing the dishes was the unchanging order of the day.

By 1911 electricity was used for refrigeration and air conditioning in the west but electricity reached the MENA region much later than the European continent. The arrival of electricity in the Middle East changed life tremendously for the people of the region beginning with the architecture designs and the appliances that had come into vogue with the introduction of electricity. Electricity has enabled the people of the Middle East to create modern structures and despite the harsh climatic conditions. Electricity made the construction of skyscrapers a possibility in the Middle East because of the artificial air conditioning that it provides. In the present day, the Gulf region has every sophisticated electrical appliance and is on par with the world in terms of electrical engineering and technology.

1.An ode to the past and the bridge to the future

Traditional bullfighting a famous pass time then.

1707078299maxresdefaultSplendid Fountains of Dubai the most favourite pass time of the Emiratis now. 

2.Cooking Equipment used in the days when it was Old Dubai. 

maxresdefault (1)

Cooking equipment in the Modern Dubai




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