A Mission Towards a Healthy Future

Innovation is a term that is not new to the people of the UAE; the country has witnessed innovation and development in every sector and every walk of life in the past four decades. The leadership of the country has welcomed innovation that benefitted the masses and the economy with open arms, leading to the sustained growth of the nation.


The inauguration of the Telemedicine Clinic in Abu Dhabi is the latest innovation in the health care sector of the UAE. A patient can call the toll-free number of the telemedicine center and receive a free consultation with a general physician and only if his symptoms require further medical attention is advised to visit a hospital or clinic. A patient can procure medicine after being advised by the doctor at the telemedicine center. The system is functional in the hos 1UAE and is a boon to patients who can receive medical advice from the comfort of their homes without having to travel or wait to consult a doctor at a hospital.  The telemedicine center that was established in the UAE in 2014 has claimed to have received 1.3 million calls and counseled patients with minor sicknesses over the phone. The teleclinic reaches patients 24X7 and doctors attending to the patients over the phone are qualified to diagnose sicknesses through the phone. Clinics are health care centers where a patient consults with a general physician; the same is done through the telemedicine center.

This practice is novel and the general populace in the UAE is using the facility to the fullest. For the population residing in the more remote regions of the country, the telemedicine center is an aid especially at night when the local clinics or healthcare centers are closed. In a country that mainly battles sicknesses like obesity and diabetes, the government’s proactive health sector has put in an unrelenting effort to create awareness of a sedentary lifestyle and healthy food habits.hos

The health care sector of the UAE has dedicated itself to the construction of new hospitals in regions, where the hospital in UAE would be easily accessible to the public. The vision of its leaders to make the UAE a country with the healthiest population might not be far away if the health care sector continues to labor at the pace they have so readily adopted.

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