Abacus : The Traditional Computing Machines

Counting numbers have been part of human civilization for ages. Before the invention of devices which could enable mankind to count, people used to used their fingers and for higher numbers twigs or other things. Abacus is such an instrument that was invented around 2500 years back. It started basically in China, which later spread to Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and so on. It was utilized as a part of the antiquated times for figuring numbers through fundamental number-crunching framework. It has now been demonstrated as a complete mental health device over most recent two decades.abcus
Abacus is a 17-rod device which has beads and calculations are made using the movements of these beads. It is used effectively for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are various classes which train kids as well as adults in this art of calculations. One has to pay a nominal fee and get their kids enrolled. These classes have different levels of modules designed by professionals in which the kids are trained rigorously. The kids are trained to even do calculations without their presence . There is an abacus visualization practice which helps kids to imagine the bead movements and this enables them to learn calculations faster. This enables kids to improve their speed and accuracy with time and practice. It develops observance, concentration, thinking, reading and writing abilities.

Abacus training is a tool which develops numerous abilities and eventually helps in the development of the right brain. Trainings like these makes one undergo a lot of brain development exercise enhancing mental abilities. The development of right brain leads to becoming more active, attentive and brilliant. The reason why these classes emphasize on the right brain development is because everyone uses only the left brain on a daily basis and there is so much more that can be done with increased right brain activity.
Abacus has been proved very useful for blind kids. Before abacus was introduced for them blind people used talking calculators, but that was very effective. With the invention of abacus for blind or also called cranmer abacus the speed and efficiency with which the calculations are done have increased. It is a pocket size abacus but an exact replica of the original soroban which was used centuries ago by the Japanese. It is one of the most useful and efficient tools for blind kids. The abacus enables the child to have an in-depth understanding of numbers than depending calculators. It is an alternative to other tools of calculating numbers like the braille writer.

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