Abu Dhabi sustainability week: A step towards clean energy.

Words are not deeds, talking isn’t doing. In unison with the saying, the UAE is the first nation to take efforts to implement the climate deals that were agreed upon at the Paris Climate Conference that took place a month ago on 21st December 2015, and is speaking loud with its formidable action on sustainable growth. The UAE and its leaders are emerging as the front-runners in the development and usage of renewable energy. The Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) was organized with the aim to set in motion the climate deals that were made at the Paris Climate Conference. solar_plant
ADSW is an undertaking of the government to encourage and bring awareness through various activities and conversations and is also hosting the World future energy summit, International Water summit and Eco-waste and International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
With numerous projects already funded by the government and research underway, the notion of using renewable energy to cover most of the energy needs is looking up. The UAE has plans to set up solar power plants that would be functional by 2017. The cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai have planned to have 7% and 5% of their energy demands met from renewable energy resources by 2020 and 2030 respectively. Masdar, a green energy firm set up in Abu Dhabi is working on various projects producing and providing clean energy. Taqa, a government-run energy company is working on a project converting municipal waste to energy. Know more about Waste Management Services in UAE.
Energy demand worldwide is expected to leap to 300% by 2050 and to meet the expected demand leaders of the world are left with no option but to turn to sustainable energy. Renewable energy is sought after for two main reasons: to meet the ever increasing demand of energy needs and for an energy resource that is eco-friendly, to help sustain the fragile speck we call our planet.
The UAE is championing the cause for sustainable energy by encouraging pioneers worldwide who are dedicated to the development of sustainable energy. The Zayed Future Energy Prize is one such attempt to motivate pioneers in every field who have proven to bring sustainable energy to the common man and help millions meet their energy demands in the most eco-friendly manner. The Zayed Future Energy Prize was distributed during the opening ceremony of the ADSW. The prize was given to participants under five different categories; the lifetime achievement award and Small and medium enterprise category, large corporation category, not for profit category, and the Zayed Prize for Global high school is given to five schools. The winners under each category would receive a grant to implement their Clean Energy projects.
Political will together with the cooperation from businesses and the availability of market force for renewable energy is enabling the Middle East to expand their energy resources to sustainable and clean energy paving a path for an ensured future in the field of energy.

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