Advantages of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles can turn your floor into a work of art with the right design. The advantages that carpet tiles have to offer over other carpets are varied. This is the reason why the use of carpet tiles at residences is gaining momentum. Here are a few advantages that Carpet Tiles bring with them.


Installation: Installing a broadloom carpet requires a professional but that is not the case with carpet tiles. For a person looking to complete the task themselves carpet tiles are ideal. They come with a double sided carpet tape. All that is required is to remove the plastic and stick the tile onto the floor. This is the reason behind residential tiles becoming popular. And if the need to remove the tiles arises, it can be done with little or no labor.


Protection and Durability: Carpet tiles are more durable than broadloom carpets. This is because they are treated to withstand bacteria, fungus, and mildew and to resist stains. Another big advantage is that they do not absorb water. Water can damage other carpets but with tiles this is not an issue.  They are also beneficial to people who use the room as they will not be breathing certain toxic gases that are emitted by other carpets. This improves the quality of air in the room. They are most suited for high traffic. If the room in which the tiles are installed are going to be used as children or at an office or airport where the traffic is normally high, carpet tiles are preferred.

Aesthetic Appeal: The designer has the option to use his imagination and rework the floor into a piece of art. There are a whole lot of designs that can be accomplished with the use of carpet tiles. Designs that are appropriate for residential, offices and even air ports make them a preferred choice among many.


Environment Friendly: Carpet tiles are also eco-friendly products because they are made from sustainable and recyclable materials. In the today’s world where there is more environment consciousness, the use of products that are eco-friendly are sought after.


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Maintenance: The maintenance of carpet tiles is much easier when compared to broadloom carpets. The reason being if a portion of a carpet tile is damaged or stained that particular tile can be replaced. But this is not possible with broadloom carpets the entire carpet would have to be replaced if the carpet is stained.

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