Advantages of Structural steel

Structural steel is one of the most unique building materials, as it brings with it massive advantages to the builder and designer. Here are a few advantages that Structural steel brings to the construction industry that makes it stand out from all other building materials.


The designers need not restrict their imagination when designing a building that would be built with structural steel. It makes the construction of any complex design possible. This is a huge advantage that it has over other building materials. It allows the construction of buildings that are unique in design and carry a more aesthetic appeal. It is also the most sustainable building material. It can be recycled and at present 88% of structural steel is made from recycled goods. This makes it very beneficial to the environment as well.

A major advantage over other building materials is that a building constructed with structural steel can be modified after the construction is complete. There could be various reasons that would cause the need to modify a building like the need for more room to accommodate machinery or bigger doors or an extra staircase. All these modifications can be done with structural steel with minimum cost. The building can be made stronger and capable to bearing larger weights by adding more steel to the structure. This makes it a product that bends to the needs of the customers and is popular among builders. A building constructed with structural steel is much lighter than any other building material and because of this the builder can opt not to go for a very expensive foundation. Despite an inexpensive foundation structural steel buildings are stronger than buildings made of concrete and reinforced steel.


When building with structural steel there is total dependability because the quality of the material is tested after production and not after the building is constructed. This is because it is shop fabricated under the guidelines of the modern quality assurance process. Therefore a builder can be certain of the strength of the steel even before he starts construction. They are also the most efficient of building materials they provide more floor space and provisions for air conditioning and heating. A structural steel column occupies 75% lesser space than a concrete column. They are durable and are a building material that is here to stay for the long run.

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