Advertising Agencies and the mixing of Art and Science

Advertising is a blend of art and science. Advertising agencies use creativity to make their ads more appealing to their customers. Advertising is also a science because it focuses on strategies that would make their ads find a longer place in the memory of its viewers.

The human brain tends to remember things that have an emotional appeal and bears significance to the individual. It is also known that people do not remember the entire ad, but only the parts that are most attractive. Therefore advertising agencies with this in mind, create ads that appeal to the individual and hence enable the ad or tagline sit for a longer period in their mind. If this is achieved while bringing out the qualities of the brands then there is a greater chance of the viewer purchasing the product.

Advertisement target

The visual appeal that ads have also has an impact on the viewer. Research suggests that a viewer most often will not remember the entire advertisement except for the few scenes that had an exceptional appeal to them.  Therefore Ad agencies focus on creating visuals that is simple and can be grasped easily by the viewer. The science of the memory is what many advertising companies rely on to improve the consumers attitude to their brand and to achieve brand recognition. Advertising agencies create ads in such a way that it first grabs the attention of the viewer and then they reveal the tagline or logo of the brand. This method has proved most efficient in changing the attitude of the consumer towards a particular brand.

Creativity is a prime characteristic that is required in the creation of an ad to persuade the masses to purchase a product and bring the desired results to the clients. In the early 1950’s huge amounts were spent by companies in the USA to research the psychological impact a visual has on the viewers and what kind of visual would change the consumer’s attitude towards the brand. Companies then began using images that symbolized an idea or a concept to change the attitude of the consumer and improve the consumer’s brand loyalty. Similarly, research has gone into various aspects of advertisements that have proved to be beneficial to many corporations.

Advertisement would always remain a major part of marketing and the scope for research in the field is massive as technology continues to grow.

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