Tooth Hurts??

An app for this and an app for that is the way we roll. Getting tasks completed in quick time. From booking a cab to locating for your favorite food truck to requesting your air conditioning company for a service to come over for a routine check-up of your air conditioner, there is an app for almost everything.

In the UAE, the newest app for you to install is the dentist app. Just imagine you wake up in the morning with a bad tooth ache and you dentist
can’t attend that meeting in an office with a face so grim that is when UDENZ, the app comes to your rescue. You could instantly find a dentist near your locality and get treated before you start off to work.

Find Top Dentists in UAE

An app for a dental emergency didn’t seem like it would be a hit but nevertheless has been downloaded umpteen numbers of times. To be exact 7,500 users have downloaded the app, since its release in February 2016. The app helps dentists reach their patients without much ado and patients find it convenient to locate a dentist who is available for an immediate check-up. The app allows users to book an appointment according to a time convenient to them and the dentists can check their availability and reject, approve or change the timings of the appointment within minutes.

dentist-1UDENZ has come as a boon to dentists who otherwise struggle to reach patients and lose out on their practice.  Across the globe, there are cases where patients sometimes wait up to 3 to 8 months to have an appointment with a dentist. But the introduction of UDENZ will put an end to this issue and connect dentist and patient immediately. UDENZ has a data base of dentists and dental centers in the UAE this gives patients a wide range of opportunity to choose an available dentist who is at a convenient location.

The leaders of the UAE have the vision to launch every possible move to innovate to the maximum and be of service to its people in every possible field and the dentist app is one such proof that this vision is slowly but stUDENZeadily turning into reality.The country is on the road to becoming a medical tourist hub in the Middle East and Dubai is already ranked 6th in the world for dentistry tourism and receives revenue to about $15 million annually.

Build Mobile Application for Your Dental Clinics

The app is released at the right time and it would further help to develop the medical tourist sector of the nation. The months of February saw a massive dental camp in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where 4000 workers were given a free dental check-up. The introduction of the app is a follow up of what the government expects to do in the near future in the field of medicine.

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