Ayurvedic massage: a must try in Dubai.

The city of Dubai has some of the finest ayurvedic massage centers. Dubai is a city that hosts some of the state of the art spas, saunas, and massage centers. However, Ayurvedic massages are different from any other form of massage. Ayurvedic massage and treatments that are practiced in the ayurvedic massage centers are based on the ancient texts of Ayurveda. Scholars believe that the methods of ayurvedic massages were developed 5000 years ago and have been handed down from generation to generation through the texts.

In today’s world of scientific advancement in the field of medicine, the ancient treatment of Ayurveda has been sought after. Ayurvedic massages are gaining popularity in all countries of the world. One of the major reasons behind the increasing number of people opting for ayurvedic treatments is the holistic healing the treatments offer. Ayurvedic massages not only help you relax and alleviate stress. They also help reduce the symptoms of many sicknesses from diabetes and infertility to stress, muscle weakness, and skin diseases. There are different massages that would be recommended by the doctor based on the person’s illness or the imbalance in the body. Here are a few ayurvedic massages that are popular around the world and the various health benefits that come along with them.

Sirovasthi: An Ayurvedic massage where the body is first massaged. Then a cap made of leather is placed on the client’s head that will hold ayurvedic oils from fifteen minutes to an hour. While the client sits in an upright position the oil is poured into the cap. The cap is designed to hold the oil on the head of the client. The therapeutic oils that are used in this treatment are known to cure sicknesses like Parkinson’s disease, facial paralysis and so on.

Kizhi: This is a form of massage where the client’s body is massaged with a small bag of cotton that is filled with rice, leaves, cereals and meats. Kizhi refers to the preparation of the cloth ball with the ingredients. Kizhi is a form of massage that can be done using different ingredients that fill the cotton bag. The kinds of massages that use a kizhi are Elakizhi, Navarakizhi, Namsakizhi, Podikizhi. Each of these forms of massages is useful to people suffering from various sicknesses such as general weakness, rheumatic arthritis, spondylitis, muscle atrophy, sexual weakness, and sciatica.


Shirodhara: A very special form of massage that has an exceptional soothing effect on the mind. Shirodhara begins with a thirty-minute massage of the body and then oils are poured on the forehead of the client. The liquid that is poured on the forehead differs according to the health concerns of the client. Shirodhara is believed to cure sicknesses like sinusitis, neurological disorders, memory loss, insomnia, graying of hair. It is also done just to relax and calm the mind.


Abhyangam: Herbal oils are used to massage the entire body of the client in this form of massage. The herbal oils rejuvenate the skin and relax mind and body. The massage is done by two masseurs for an hour. A soothing massage that alleviates stress improves immunity and longevity. The massage also leaves you with a glowing and soft skin.


Dhanyamala Dhara: Dhanyamala Dhara is another ayurvedic treatment where a blend of cereals and vinegar is placed in a cloth and kept in a pot of water. The liquid in then poured on the body of the client in a specific pattern and the client’s body is massaged gently. This form of massage is known to alleviate conditions like rheumatism, asthma and also helps people with obesity.

There are many ayurvedic centers in the city of Dubai that offer ayurvedic treatments and massages. These ancient practices are spreading around the world and have the benefits to rejuvenate mind and body.

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