Benefits of Installing Galvanized Steel Gratings

Steel gratings are grids that are manufactured from welding bearing and cross bars. They are ideal for industrial flooring applications for diverse reasons. The low maintenance costs, affordability and availability of the materials that are used to produce them, and the varied applications for which they could be used make them a vital part of industries. Gratings are also used for their strength and durability and are installed in environments that see a lot of heavy machinery and footfall.  Steel gratings are also manufactured with various surfaces and treatment finishes that enhance certain features of the gratings.

The surface finishes are a plain finish or a serrated finish. A serrated finish enhances the anti-slip quality of the gratings. One of the most popular treatment finishes is hot dip galvanization.  Hot dip galvanization is a process in which the grating is dipped in liquid zinc at 450o Celsius.  Numerous layers of zinc are added to the structure and this procedure adds a good number of years to the life of the steel grating. This procedure is carried out to give complete security from corrosive elements.


Here are some of the benefits of installing steel gratings that are galvanized:

Longer Life: steel gratings that are hot dip galvanized could be of service for at least thirty years in the most corrosive environments. They are also ideal for outdoor applications and are built to withstand the elements of nature and yet provide the much-needed strength and durability. This is also the prime factor that makes galvanized steel gratings one of the most sought after for flooring applications in industries.

Low Maintenance Costs:  Once installed galvanized steel gratings require no additional painting or further maintenance, this reduces the cost of maintenance by a large margin when compared to other materials that are used for flooring applications.  This makes them conservative and perfect for any application both for industrial and domestic purposes.


Durability: When the gratings or steel structures are submerged in zinc, the whole structure is covered in zinc all around. The gratings are shielded from scratches or scraped spots when they come into physical contact with hardware or footfall.  The process of galvanization enhances the durability of the steel grating. The hot dip galvanization procedure could be used for any structure of any shape and size.

A Pleasing Appearance: A hot dip galvanized steel structure would have a glossy look and would provide a pleasing appearance to any environment in which they are installed.

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