Best Companies To Work For In UAE

Workplace environment determines the outcome of the employee. A study shows that if the workplace conditions are close to ideal or where the employees are benefited are the ones which have greater output. Workplace environment greatly affects the mindset of the employees. Here is a list of best companies to work with in UAE by varied sources which point towards the same list.

  1. DHL
  2. Microsoft Gulf
  3. Omnicom Media Group
  4. Ericsson
  5. THE One
  6. FedEx Express
  7. Marriott
  8. Bayt
  9. Weber Shandwick
  10. EMC
  11. Emirates Transport
  12. Fun City
  13. Hyatt
  14. Estee Lauder
  15. Mondelez
  16. Leminar
  17. MasterCard

This survey was conducted by Great places to work or commonly referred as GPTW. In UAE this survey was started five years back. It sends out a proprietary Trust Index survey sheet to a random sample of employees and their identity and feedback remains confidential.  Other factors like HR practices in the company, work-life balance, employee satisfaction, workplace conditions and management. The study assess what the company does to earn and sustain their employee’s trust. They also look into the companies hiring policies, Communications, and diversity. Each year it gets competitive because companies are striving harder to be on the list and thereby improving their HR practices,  work environment and culture and work life balance.

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