Best Paying jobs in UAE

Dubai is one of the wealthiest city in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. People with skills and talent are paid well. But being paid well is not enough. Certain job roles are paid at par considering what west pays them. Here’s a list of top 10 highly paid jobs.

10) Supply Chain Management (Gas, Oil &Engineering)-AED 75,000

A Supply Chain Manager is accountable for overseeing and sorting out the obligations included with the obtaining, distinguishing proof, generation, and dispersion of the products that the organization gives to its customers. For this situation, it would either be gas, oil or a designing administration. Know more about Oil & Gas Consultancy Services in UAE.

9) Procurement Specialist (Gas, Oil & Engineering)-AED 75,000

A Procurement Specialist is in charge of obtaining all products, administrations, developments, upkeep and merchant databases. The occupation is all that much free and obliges you to have practical insight and critical thinking aptitudes.

8) Technical General Manager-AED 75,000

A Technical General Manager gives specialized course to outline and frameworks coordination to huge organizations. They have critical learning encompassing the zones of technologic patterns and customer programming reconciliation.

7) Construction Manager-AED 80,000

A Construction Director is responsible for the coordination, budgeting, and planning of a range of construction projects. The construction projects will be in a range of different areas including residential, industrial and commercial sectors. Depending on the amount of experience in the industry, they will either be specialized in one of the three sectors or all three.

6) Private Banker-AED 80,000

Depending on the role and company the Private Banker is working for, they would be providing a range of services to clients like giving advice about accounts, resolving complaints, assessing issues and solving problems.

5) Investment Analyst-AED 85,000

A Person acting as an Investment Analyst will give research data and venture thoughts and chances to the asset chiefs. The data given by the Investment Analyst permits the asset director to settle on the ideal choice identifying with the speculation portfolio they oversee.

4) Engineering Managing Director-AED 95,000

An Engineering Managing Director deliberates with the administration, showcasing and creation staff to examine a tasks techniques and determinations. They likewise facilitate and direct tasks, break down innovation, survey and support outlines, initiate workers and arrangement, introduce, test, work, keep up and repair offices and gear.

3) PR Managing Director-AED 85,000

A PR Managing Director’s part is to recognize customer gatherings and decide correspondence, compose powerful and fascinating public statements, develop and keep up an organization’s sure picture and mark, and oversee exceptional occasions.

2) Investment Advisor/Consultant-AED 100,000

Contingent upon the part they tackle and the organization they work for, obligations could incorporate annuity exhortation, seaward saving money, venture guidance, sparing records, medical coverage, contracts, worker advantages and riches administration.

1) Stock Market Traders/Dealers-AED 110,000

A Stock Market Dealer/Trader purchases and offers bonds, shares and a scope of different resources in the interest of financial specialists. They utilize what they have learned and experience to judge shares in view of the data they can uncover. They then select speculations with the most noteworthy benefits in view of the customers coveted danger rate.

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