Car Rentals in UAE: Things to know

When travelling to UAE, tourists like to rent a car or a luxury/exotic car. Renting a car is always a good choice and easily accessible in UAE. Residents of the country also find it economical to rent a car for the duration of their stay in the country. There are short term and long term rentals made available by numerous companies in UAE. But here are a few things that you should acquaint yourself with before you pick up your car.

Policies and Insurance: It is always good to have a clear idea of the policies of the car rental company before renting a car. You would get a clear idea of the renting process as well. Insurance policies vary from one company to another. You should find out the coverage and any excess amount you may have to pay.

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Security deposits, toll gate fess and traffic fines: you would have to pay a security deposit in advance before picking up your car. The security deposit could be paid through credit card or cash, and cheques won’t be accepted. This amount would be refunded through a wire transaction even if you pay by cash. As you travel through cities like Dubai there are toll gate fees that would be collected. Salik which is an electronic toll road system in Dubai collects a fee each time you pass through. Almost all car rental companies collect an extra fee towards Salik. If you are a tourist, enquire about the toll fees and other traffic fines.

Condition of the vehicle and mileage: It is always good to personally inspect the car or request for a test drive to know the condition of the car before you pick up the car. Understanding the conditioning of the vehicle is vital to make sure your journey does not have any unnecessary interruptions due to car troubles. Mileage is one more aspect you would want to know about. Certain car companies have mileage limits, you could find out about the mileage limits for different rental durations.

Hispanic businessman using electronic key to open car door

Hispanic businessman using electronic key to open car door

Accessories: If you are travelling the country for the first time you would require accessories like GPS and so on. The car rental companies offer accessories like GPS, child car seats and many more for an additional charge.

Crossing the Borders: To cross the borders of the UAE into Oman you would need to find out about insurance in Oman, and the mileage permitted for you rental. Find a car rental company that provides unlimited mileage. You may also have to pay an extra fee for permission to enter Oman.


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