Concrete-“The Mettle of Sustenance”

Concrete is one of the most used products in the UAE. Concrete is the product of a mixture of stone, gravel, small rocks, sand, cement and water. This mixture on drying transforms into a hard substance that could be used for construction.  It is a durable material used in construction, the infrastructure of many parts of the cities of the UAE has been enhanced with the use of concrete. Concrete is manufactured in the UAE and prefabricated concrete products are also shipped in from other countries as well. The construction projects are massive in the UAE and the material is required in huge quantities.

Concrete has been used as a material for construction since time immemorial and countries have built cities that have stood the test of time with the hard-wearing substance. The Long-lasting quality of the substance of concrete is evident in the structures like the Coliseum and the Pantheon constructed by the Romans in 128 A.D. Such is the resistance of concrete to the forces of nature. However, the technique of preparing concrete was lost after the fall of the Roman Empire and was discovered again in the 15th century, when some manuscripts that contained the technique for making cement were unearthed and in the 18th century, the process of manufacturing concrete was mastered.

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The UAE has also used the material extensively to serve the purpose of better infrastructure through the ages. The construction of the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa, used 110,000 tonnes of concrete. Concrete is known to have low tensile strength but with the modern innovation of reinforced concrete, the material is used in the construction of massive edifices. Reinforced concrete in the inclusion of a steel rod in the concrete before it is left to solidify. This process greatly increases the tensile strength of concrete.

The Concrete industry has dominated the market in UAE for the past 40 years.UAE extensively produces prefabricated concrete products. Decorative ornaments such as fonts, fountains, garden ornaments, railing and fences are precast and put together at the site. Concrete can be set into moulds and moulded into any desirable design and left to set.


Ready Mix concrete production is on the rise in the UAE. Ready mix concrete came as a solution to mixing concrete on the construction site. Ready-mix concrete is a product that is convenient for builders as it is a factory made product and consists an accurate amount of each component that is used to form concrete and is delivered directly to the construction site.

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