Desert Safari

Desert Safari in Dubai is very popular around the world. It is a must-go trip for everyone who is been to UAE. Safari is an adventurous recreational off-roading journey for sight-seeing. Dubai Desert Safari is a very different experience compared to the other forms of safaris in the world. Desert Safari in Dubai are of two types, Dune bashing and wildlife Safari.

Dune bashing


Dune Bashing is a form of desert safari in which a large sports utility vehicle (SUV) is driven wildly on sand dunes by expert safari drivers. The Safari drivers know which sand dune is soft and which sand dune is safe to drive on. SUVs used in Dune bashing safaris are mostly equipped with the roll cage design to protect the travellers in case of a roll over. The tour via sand dunes could be a real risk to be concerned with. It involves risk as much fun the adventure could be. That is why, it is very important for the travellers to choose a well equipped car and a driver experienced in dune bashing. An expert driver would know the exact conditions of sand dune in different weather conditions and appropriate vehicle configurations such as tire pressure in the wheel before entering the sand dunes. Often the vehicle tire rims are modified to protect the possibility of rim & tire separation. The vehicles usually move in a pack and perform various stunts together.


Many companies in Dubai offer Desert safari rides to tourists. You could also drive a SUV all by yourself but with a instructor who will guide you through the safe and natural trail of sand dunes. These tourist companies also organize and offer a comprehensive package to the tourists. After a tremendous ride in sand dunes, you can have sun set photo sessions, sand boarding, sand skiing and ride camels & quad bikes.


Sand Skiing


Camel Rides


Quad bike rides

Some companies offer post drive entertainment and refreshment programs. You can enjoy Arabic traditional dance shows like Tanoura and belly dancing in your Bedouin tents. They also equip the tents with music system and beverages. Tourists could wear traditional costumes of Arabs and enjoy Arabic coffee & fresh dates. Ladies could get the henna painting in their palms. One could smoke shesha and have alcohol but on payment basis. They have separate play corner for children.



Important Note :Children below 3 years are advised not to be taken on  dune bashing safaris because of safety concerns. Dune bashing involves a lot of bumping which is not safe for infants and infant trails don’t help much.

The second kind of desert Safari in UAE is desert Wildlife Safari. You can drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and look for the rare species in Dubai which are not seen anywhere else in the world. You can see different mammals, reptiles, insects, spiders and different plantations.


Arabian red fox, Sand fox, caracal, Gordon’s wildcats, sand cat, Arabian Oryx, Arabian Gazelle and Sand Gazelle are very rare species which you could witness from high quality binoculars.


You could also witness trained falcons hunting for humans to diet.

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