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A house is complete when it’s cozy and comfortable and that’s when it becomes our home. Furniture’s are the adoring elements that define the beauty and the comfort of the house; it’s a true reflection of one’s approach to living. Furniture’s are more than comfort; they are significant artifacts that display the skillfCappellini_knotted_chairul labor. The Emiratis have always loved arts; art is their way of life. The fifth edition of Dubai Design days was launched on the 14th of March 2016; it is a five-day furniture fiesta which would see renowned artist’s from various countries. Dubai design days 2016 was launched by Marcel wander a Dutch designer the creator of the Knotted Chair which attracted global attention.

Dubai Design Days is organized by art Dubai group under the art week umbrella bringing various beliefs about the art and culture into life. Design Days Dubai is the only event that displays Artistic Furniture in the Middle East and South Asia committed to collectible antique furniture and special designs on demand. The Event presents designs from aspiring global architects and renowned designers from the various nations. The Dubai design day’s committee in association with Dubai Design District, d3, organizes workshops and mentorship sessions, open to all guests to partake in at no additional charge.

Presently in its fifth release, Design Days Dubai (March 14-18, 2016) is displaying more than 250 versions of cutting edge contemporary designs on various themes from 40 of flagship studios. The theme of the 5th edition revolves around the elements of nature which are light, silver, and marble. The artworks are inspired by the creations of nature.

Mad about marble

Design Days Dubai’s designers display splendid designs made up of marble, the noble material which is hundreds of years old it can be utilized as a part of contemporary designs. Rich yet straightforwaMAD ABOUT MARBLE_5_603x402rd and utilized by artists and designers to create fine masterpieces.

The Cities

The Cities’ display theme is, “Orientalism Reinterpreted”, Designers of the city offer their exclusive  portrayals of the qualities, styles, shapes and structures that generally have fallen under the term Orientalism. Every designer at cities had picked the best design to display  which are connected with Eastern societies and offers a reinterpretation of the creation which shares not just the social viewpoints and customs undisputable to the item, furthermore, they challenge these customary beliefs by  pushing the limits and offering conceptualized crshanghai_story6_760x496_compressedaftsmanship and designs.

Besides the downfall in the economy, the Dubai Design Days have boosted the growth of the economy by 13%, encouraging local artisans and others of the world. DDD also gives the artists of other nationalities to experiment with the gulf markets due to the prevailing economic conditions of their respective nations.

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