Every Cloud has a Silver Lining!

The sun has always befriended the Emiratis, Apollo the god of sun had chosen to go on a break and Zeus unleashed his wrath. Many regions of the Emirates were immersed in water because of the rains and the hail storms. Rain in the emirates is a sign of joy besides the turmoil it has caused. The emirates had recorded a historic downpour which washed the alleys along with the super cars, flying billboards window panes and hail. Amidst the turmoil the Emiratis took advantage of the situation,they used it as an opportunity to spend some quality time with their families.  While many took to the social media sites to express their feelings, the social media platforms were flooded with the images of the rains and its updates.

A rainstorm in the UAE on Wednesday brought life to a standstill; disturbing flights, flooding streets; powers outages etc. Water poured through roofs and whipped through boulevards in Dubai. In Abu Dhabi, the hard rains constrained the capital’s securities exchange to cease their function and close for the day. A few schools in Abu Dhabi crossed out classes on Wednesday while those in Dubai shut early. The downpour briefly stopped flights at Abu Dhabi International Airport, the home of Etihad. The downpour likewise postponed a few flights at Dubai International Airport.

Rainy days are lazy days when you are expected to do nothing more than enjoying the rain. Here is a list of how people enjoyed the rain around UAE

  • Rain is the most beautiful façade of mother nature, beautiful clouds of Dubai before the storm.
  • Innovation at its peak

A man trying to save his feet from hitting the ground,he uses a shopping trolley to go around.

Charter Boats help when cars fail!

A lady using a boat to get to the neighbourhood.

  • Meanwhile in Dubai

Some one found the most kick- ass way to chill-out  after the rain.

  • The Aftermath

The might of the Storm that blew the Designer Windows.


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