For the First time in UAE

First Emirati satellite is ready with the final design


KhalifaSat is the first 100 percent indigenous  imaging satellite of UAE. KhalifaSat is ready with its final design in Mohammed Bin Rashid space centre (MBRSC) and is set to be launched  in 2018. KhalifaSat is designed for an Orbit altitude of 580- 613 Kms around the earth. KhalifaSat would carry 20 Attitude sensors, 10 image sensors, 87 electronic modules and 146 structural modules as its payload. KhalifaSat is gonna be a important milestone in the space history of UAE and would have a positive impact in the field of science and technology in UAE.

First Digital bank of UAE


The largest banking group in Middle east Emirates NBD is to launch the First Digital bank of UAE. The Emirates NBD has announced to make an investment of 500 million dirham over the next three years into this project. This Bank would provide the customer with next generation self-service banking tools and applications. With the Digital bank, UAE would be the first country to initiate the digitization of banks in the GCC region. The Emirates NBD has stated 5 key goals of the project, which are End to end process transformations, Fast & responsive customer interface, omnichannel experience for banking, cyber security fortification and Enhance data analytics & management. These features would allow the customers to do 100 transactions a day.

First Medical University of Abu Dhabi


UAE’s largest private healthcare provider NMC is to build the first medical university of Abu Dhabi. The NMC chief has announced that we will build the medical university in honour of the founding father of UAE, Sheikh Zayed. He also added that there would be an investment of about $2 billion for the project and this project would be an attempt to accomplish the vision of Late Sheikh Zayed who wished to provide affordable, high-quality medical care & education to all. He also told that the university will function in conjunction with Duke university or with the university of California and will be open for Emiratis & expatriates in UAE. This university would open the doors for a better tomorrow with extensive medical facilities to the people of UAE and best tribute to late Sheikh Zayed.

First LiFi demonstration in UAE


The latest technology in data communication LiFi (Light fidelity) is been demonstrated for the first time in Middle east by the telecom operator du & UAE-brand Zero1 at Dubai. LiFi is the fastest data transfer technology available. It uses the wireless optical networking technology using LEDs. According to sources, a LiFi device can transfer data as fast as 224 GB per second. Lifi is said to be cheaper compared to wifi and would be at least 100 times faster than wifi.

In the demonstration, the operator demonstrates, internet over LiFi technology, audio streaming and video streaming over LiFi technology.

First 3D building of the world in Dubai


The world’s first 3D printed building (office) was inaugurated in the month of may this year by the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This milestone was achieved just in half a month after the launch of Dubai 3D printing strategy for construction. The first 3D building was built within a duration of seventeen days with half the cost of labor. This building is fully function and it is furnished with printed furniture as well. The first 3D building is located at the city center of Dubai.

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