Food in the Emirates: an industry redefining luxury and taste

The UAE being a tourist destination all through the year attracts tourists from every corner of the globe. For those who like to spend a few lazy days on the beach or for those daredevils itching for an off-road ride or to take the plunge from a moving aircraft, the UAE is the best destination. The ever present sun gives tourists the opportunity to explore the nation to the fullest by choosing from a wide range of activities. The year 2013 & food 12014 saw a record-breaking 10 million and 13.2 million Tourists visit Dubai and these numbers are expected to increase with the government setting a target to achieve 9% annual growth in the tourist industry. The influx of a record-breaking number of tourists has kicked off a chain reaction causing other industries to skyrocket, especially, “The Food industry” has begun to swell with each city in the Emirates planning to expand its hotel business and increase the total number of rooms and suites available to tourists in each city.

The food industry has, of late, become a prime industry in the UAE, aiming to satiate the taste buds of its tourists with a variety of every cuisine. With many Michelin star hotels and chefs in the nation, Hotels in the UAE
have been successfully serving the best of every cuisine to its tourists. The food industry amounts to 10% of the industrial produce of the nation.
In the UAE, If you have a pocket large enough then the world’s most expensive dish would be made available to you and for those who are looking for a more affordable but yet a variety of delicacies, all you nfood 2eed to do is take a walk down to the beach or to the streets in Dubai and enjoy the endless flavors from the local food trucks and restaurants. Apps that enable you to locate your favorite food truck in the city are available.
Homegrown food producers: There are a significant number of businessmen cum farmers who produce their own crop which enables the Emirati to not only depend on its imports of food but also to become an exporter in the region. The fresh food sector is expected to continue its growth for a period of five years, with the government’s extensive campaign on health awareness. The number of residents opting for and willing to pay more for organic food in the UAE is on the rise.
The Gulfood Exhibition that takes place every year is a forum encouraging home-grown food producers and import and export of food products by allowing the locals a chance to meet Global business corporations and expand their business.

The booming food industry also encourages other businesses to grow simultaneously, such as companies manufacturing Kitchen equipment. Kitchen equipment companies that manufacture and maintaifood 4n kitchen equipment in the UAE are of vital importance and without them the 11,000 standalone restaurants in UAE, servicing locals and tourists will not be able to provide uninterrupted service to their customers. The Timeout Dubai awards, awarding the best of every cuisine also aims at encouraging hotels to improve their standards and quality of their food with each year.
Choosing a restaurant for dinner could prove baffling for the tourists, who have the widest range of cuisine to choose from; European, Latin American, Indian, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese together with the local flavors and many more delicacies. So if you are on a tour to The UAE prepare yourself for luxury, adventure and a whole lot of mouthwatering delights.

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