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If you have ever been to Dubai, you would agree that Dubai is the land of opportunities and Entertainment. Everything in Dubai from the Burj Khalifa and the Desert Safari to the Beaches and the Palm island are breathtaking. Apart from being home to a some of the most successful businesses, and being one of the largest exporters of Oil, Dubai has always been a major tourist location. Dubai and the other Emirates are extremely organized and have been gaining more and more tourist visits over the years. Today, Dubai is known for its out-of-this-world events, parties, concerts and extravaganzas, from pool parties, to red carpet events, showcasing the best in entertainment, fashion and lifestyle.

tourist attractions in Dubai

Apart from the the exotic events, luxury lifestyle and the business side of Dubai, there is a whole lot more to explore. There are many questions that need answers that can actually help you make the most out of your trip to Dubai. Here are some of the best Tourist Attractions in Dubai, The Land of Dreams and Fantasies that are guaranteed to pique your interests.

Fun Tourist Attractions In Dubai

Although most tourist activities are clichéd, I guarantee that these are things you’ve either never tried before or need to try again!

Desert Safari:

Let’s start with the most obvious and most popular tourist attraction in Dubai. Dubai is famous for its desert safaris, which range from half-day trips, to a complete day-whole event which includes dune bashing, camel rides, quad biking, sand skiing, witnessing the amazing sunset over the sand dunes, and dinner festivities with a traditional spread of food, belly dancers and good arabic music.

tourist attractions in Dubai

The Desert Safari in Dubai is not just one type of activity or service, but is an activity provided by several agencies that cater to tourists. Desert Safari Agencies generally work with or are a part of Tourism agencies and Tour Operators in the UAE, to provide tourists with ease of access to all their services. Their services allow tourists to choose between a wide range of options, add-on activities and such, which is more like a package deal. Desert safari packages come in standard packages or with additional activities like quad biking, camel rides, skiing, dinner and a desert wildlife safari.


Dubai City Tour:

Getting a tour of the city probably tops this list, just because of how amazing a tour of the city actually is. These Tourism agencies or tie-ups can help you get a spectacular view of everything ‘Dubai’ with either bus tours, private tours, boat tours, and even helicopter tours for those who like taking things to new heights. The best part about being a tourist is that you could get a good deal with a decent discount through the right agency or as a package through your service provider. The Dubai City Tours include tours of all Dubai’s tourist attractions from the Burj khalifa and the Mall of the Emirates, to the Palm Jumeirah.

tourist attractions in Dubai

A Trip To Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi:

Technically not an activity in Dubai but when in Dubai, tour operators offer tourists with tours to sites like Ferrari world and the Emirates palace, which are outside Dubai. Everything from the journey and transport to a complete tour of the attractions and food is taken care of. Rates differ with service providers and seasonal offers, so planning your trip at the right time could affect how much you spend on the entire vacation. Apart from Ferrari world, there are several other amusement parks in the UAE that are definitely worth the visit if you have enough time.

tourist attractions in Dubai - Ferrari world

WildLife Tour:

Dubai’s Deserts are home to a large species of wildlife, that are only seen in the Middle East. Some of these special key animals found only in the Arabian sands include the Arabian Oryx, the Sand Gazelle, the Arabian Mountain Gazelle, the Arabian Tahr, the Arabian Leopard, desert and mountain hares, spiny-tailed lizards, and other reptiles like sand snakes and scorpions. Dubai’s wildlife also include birds, with more than a 100 species that breed in the area and other birds that halt while migrating between Europe, Asia and Africa.

tourist attractions in Dubai - wildlife tour

Shopping at Dubai’s Local Markets:

Dubai’s Local Markets or Souks are the best places to get souvenirs, handmade garments, handlooms, traditional and vintage jewellery, gold, spices, shoes, arts & crafts, and other memorabilias to remind you of your time in the UAE. Dubai’s local markets are also a home cook’s heaven, with fresh veggies, herbs, spices, and protein from both local produce farms, as well as imports. These markets are also a good place to spend the day, to get authentic/traditional Emirati products, and to shop on a budget.


These few activities, and a lot more, are what make Dubai one of the largest and most flourishing tourist destinations in the world today.

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