Generators and their Significance

Generators still occupy a place as one of the dependable sources of power even in a world where power is derived from wind, solar, water and other conventional sources. This is because all other power sources may have interruptions at times but with a generator as a backup life can carry on without much ado. Here are a places where having a generator is always handy.


Hospitals: A hospital is one of those facilities where an uninterrupted power supply is required. Interruption in the power supply could sometimes prove fatal as the gadgets that are used as life support require electricity to function. When there is a power outage hospitals need backup to continue surgeries or other medical procedures that are in progress. This is why having a generator as a backup power supply in a hospital is vital.

Construction Sites: A construction site is another place where generators are used extensively. The machinery that is used at construction sites require power to function and this is possible only with the use of generators. Other sources of energy at most times are not available at construction sites. And construction workers depend on generators for lighting and to run their tools. Generators enable construction workers to complete their tasks within the stipulated time.

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During a crisis: There could be times of emergency like a flood, hurricane or other natural disasters when generators could prove useful. During a time of crisis all sources of power shut down. This is when generators are the only sources of power that can be depended on. During these times generators bring the much needed relief by powering motors for water, to work heaters and other essential gadgets to stay warm and safe.

Cabins: For those living in cabins that are not connected to any power grid and hence do not have any power supply from any other source a generator is the only source of power. People living in cabins can enjoy all the facilities like light, heating and other facilities that require electricity with the use of a generator. A diesel or gas generator is enough to provide the required amount of power in a cabin.


Outdoor parties and vacations: An outdoor party could be a lot of fun but without a power supply there could be no music, lighting and so on. This is another instance where generators come to the aid. Generators can supply power to plug in musical instruments or other gadgets.

Nuclear plants: During a power shut down at a nuclear plant there is the possibility of a nuclear meltdown. This can be avoided if the nuclear reactor shuts down the fusion process. But the reactor requires a power supply to shut. Therefore generators are kept as a power backup when there is a power shut down at nuclear plants.

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