GenY Mobile Phones Era

Mobile phones were invented in the late 1900s and in the past 45 years the advancement in the field of mobile phones is mind blowing. Everything we need is at the touch of our finger tips. Buying properties to buying something as simple as a beauty product is just a click away and it is now a part of us, like it is  an extension of human beings. Phones have become so essential that they are almost inevitable. Finding restaurants, to places you need to visit and their directions can be accessed through mobile phones.

Only if it was so simple that mobile phones alone were sufficient we have accessories that are making our lives much easier. Need to make a call just say it and your mobile phone will do it. No need to even pick up your phone if you have your Bluetooth headset on. A single tap on the phone and gigabytes of data can be transferred from one device to another using NFC feature.  Such features require a lot of battery powerbluetooth and these phones are built for that. Companies are finding innovative ways to reduce the power consumption and increase the efficiency of phones that can last for a day and half while using all the features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, internet and what not.

The market is flooded with new mobile phones every day with different features and old phones go unused. Some companies have also set up refurbishment plants to reprocess their old products use the parts in the old phones in new phones which come in for repair. With this boom, the companies have extended their services in the accessories section like Bluetooth headsets, wireless chargers, wearable, docking equipment and phomeautomrotection gear for phones. The latest technology includes wearable which enables you to experience a 3-dimensional view. Phones are no
w connected to your car and homes. The car and the mobile phone industry have taken it a step further by connecting with each other. Home
automation is now integrated with our mobile phones. On a click you can change the temperature of the AC, view what is inside your fridge when you are grocery shopping and control your room temperature using the thermostat.

People in UAE are fond of all the fancy phones and equipment, ranging from gold plated iPhones to platinum edition diamond studded iPhone. You can find phones in all the diamondiphoneranges; as expensive as 200,000 Dirhams. Diamond studded and gold plated phones are available like regular phones in the market. Graphic Designers from around the world have invested time, money and their skills to design these phones; adding an aesthetic sense to it.

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