A Helping Hand to Working Moms

Daycare centers are relatively a modern day concept with women of the modern era taking up professions and provide them with help to manage their families and professions simultaneously. Daycare centers offer parents the opportunity to know that their child is in the hands of a qualified caregiver in their absence and while at the daycare the child at a young age is initiated into activities that would help him in his education in the years to come.ddc2

Daycare centers did not exist until the 19th Century. The first daycare center was started in France in 1840 to provide working mothers with a facility that would take care of their children while they were at work during the day. This European idea soon spread around the world and the first daycare center in the USA was established in Buffalo, New York in 1854.

The concept of daycare centers took a while to reach the Middle East, but in recent years is starting to gain popularity with multitudinous daycare centers being established in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

ddc1Daycare centers have created a revolution by allowing women to step out of their homes freely and take up any profession without having to give up on their dreams of having a career when they start a family.

There are certain standards that are set by the government and those operating a daycare center need to meet those required standards. The foremost requirement is that operators of daycare centers have a license that is issued by the government and are allowed to admit only a certain number of children to their centers according to the infrastructure that they possess, the adult to child ratio at the center, the care giver’s education, the number of children in a class and so on.

A Daycare center ought to be an educational environment where a kid learns certain skills through a play way method which would be a necessity to the child when he reaches school. Kids daycare centers tend to develop better reasoning abilities and language comprehension; they are also prepared to enter school with skills involving letters and numbers. Children who attend daycare centers that have met all the required standards of the government tend to perform better when in school.ddc4

While choosing a daycare center in the UAE parents are expected to review the daycare center and become aware of the standards listed out by the government and verify if the daycare center is furnished according to those standards.

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