Highest Paid Jobs in Dubai

Finding a job in the city of Dubai for many would be an uphill task because of the huge competition that presents itself in every field. But when you have landed in a job there is every opportunity to make it big while living in Dubai. Here are a few professions where individuals earn huge amounts of money in the Emirate.

These are some of the highest paid jobs in Dubai

CEO: The CEOs of organizations in Dubai sit right at the top of the ladder of highly paid professionals. CEOs in Dubai are paid a monthly salary between Dh 75,000 to Dh 135,000. This is because CEOs are in a position wherein every decision of theirs has an impact on the staff at the bottom levels and these decisions would define the success of the business and growth of the organization. A CEO needs to be capable of leading the organization to newer heights. This is why CEOs are paid huge amounts.

Marketing Professionals: Like the CEOs, marketing officers also play a vital role in the forward movement of the organization. The CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) are next in the line of highly paid professionals. This is because the role they play within the organization would reflect on how the brand performs in the market. Marketing officers who are creative and can plan and execute a strategy would be able to secure a prominent place in the market for their brands. Marketing Officers in Dubai earn between Dh 80,000 to Dh 90,000 a month.


Lawyers: Companies in Dubai hire lawyers to ensure that their company does not have any legal issues and these lawyers oversee all agreements and contracts and protect the interests of the firm. Lawyers who are eligible to practice law as an in-house lawyer would have five years of private practice. It is a lucrative profession in many countries and lawyers in Dubai earn a monthly income which is between Dh 60,000 to Dh 100,000.

Engineers: A profession that provides immense opportunity in a city that is committed to innovation and development, engineers too are among the highly paid professionals in Dubai. Engineers who are employed in the construction sector and at power plants receive huge pay cheques. An engineer employed in the construction sector as the construction director or construction manager receives Dh 23,000 to Dh 70,000 a month.

Construction & Contract Engineers in UAE


IT Professionals: A monthly salary of about Dh 45,000 is what IT professionals receive in Dubai. One of the professions where one can expect to earn a mint as the year’s progress; it also requires professionals who have a wide range of experience in the field.

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