Here’s Why Cleaning Your Kitchen Ducts Is Important

Kitchen duct cleaning is a standard process that plays an important part in the health and safety of professional and commercial kitchen alike. As a standard procedure, effective and timely cleaning of kitchen ducts, hoods and exhaust outlets is essential to reduce the risks of inferior hygiene conditions, to comply with health and hygiene standards, to reduce insurance costs, as well as to reduce the risk of duct and exhaust fires, which could result in multiple fatalities.

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Importance of Cleaning Your Kitchen Ducts


Preventing Kitchen Fires

Getting down and dirty with the details, when airborne grease and other particles that are a byproduct of cooking in a professional kitchen get collected, forming a layer on the inside of your kitchen ducts, there is an increased risk of fire hazards. Studies show, that on an average, one out of every three restaurant fires is caused by grease or grease deposits.

Kitchen duct and exhaust cleaning should be a top priority to owners and managers of commercial and professional kitchens, if not already. With stats that show how simple negligence regarding this standard routine procedure is one of the most common causes of restaurant fires, regular maintenance should definitely be a top priority.


If kitchen ducts are not regularly cleaned and properly maintained, any kitchen could become a victim of a hell-like inferno, that could result in severe injuries if not multiple fatalities. Picture this: In course of preparing a meal, a flame rising from the stove manages to contact the filters in the vents above the stove or cooktop. If the filters are coated with greasy and combustible particles, it ignites. With the exhaust fans on at the other end of the duct, sucking in air from the kitchen, the vacuum within the duct would pull the flames from the filters further into the duct, all the way to the fan. If the kitchen duct is lined with flammable grease and combustible residue, the flame from the filters being sucked it could easily cause the flammable layer lining the duct to ignite, fueling the flame, building into an uncontrollable (and compressed) fire within the duct.

In the above example, the worst case scenario is unfathomable, with either uncontrollable and extensive damage to the kitchen (and restaurant) and even loss of life.


Reduce Emission of Dangerous Particles

The more a kitchen hood (and ducts) become lined with thicker layers of grime, grease and other particles, the less effective they become at trapping grease smoke and other particles. If these unhygienic and/or dangerous particles and pollutants are not trapped properly, they can escape out of the ducts, contaminating the air inside the building, affecting not only the staff but also the other people within the building, potentially causing some health risks or agitating certain health conditions.


Health & Safety Standards

One of the most important reasons why exhaust system and kitchen duct cleaning is important is to comply with not only health standards but also with fire regulations and safety requirements. Maintaining standards that comply with these regulations is extremely beneficial for two reasons:

  • Protects your business from being fined, or worse, shut down, because of health, safety, and fire hazards.
  • Helps improve business operations by acquiring certifications and recognition that your facility meets high standards and comply with the regulations of various regulatory bodies.

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Reduce Overall Expenditure

Although this isn’t exactly a reason why you should keep your kitchen ducts clean, it certainly is an added advantage. Keeping you kitchen ducts, vents, hoods and exhaust systems clean can reduce your expenses, such as insurance, parts replacement and equipment failure

  • Insurance – If insurance providers find the standards of a commercial kitchen in compliance with all the fire and safety codes, your insurance charges could be lower, by a significant amount. Kitchens facilities that are in violation with fire safety codes are usually charged higher premiums while having access to a much lower claim or insurance coverage in the case of an accident.
  • Parts Replacement and Equipment Failure – Without regular maintenance and/or cleaning, exhaust systems and equipment could get clogged and damaged, requiring replacements of parts, equipment or extensive damage control. All this can be avoided with timely maintenance, effective cleaning and focus on keeping your kitchen functional.

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These are the major reasons that make kitchen duct cleaning important. However, cleaning of kitchen ducts and exhaust systems requires some level of technical expertise, which is why my suggestion, heavily weighed towards improving the safety conditions of your kitchen, is to acquire the services of a professional kitchen duct cleaning service provider.

Acquiring the services of a professional has many benefits like time-efficiency, skilled service, examining and addressing additional issues, professional advice and an end-result leaving you with a facility that is risk-free, in compliance with the required regulations. Visit our website Yellowpages-uae to find some of the best specialists in kitchen duct cleaning in the UAE.

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