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The best way to get a unique system for your home or office, whether AV, security or lighting, while keeping to your budget, is to get an integrator to put together a system that best suits your needs. Integration allows you to choose and put together components or subsystems to work together as one system, exactly the way you want it to. System Integration is used in various divisions, commercial, entertainment and personal, and can be applied to various kinds of systems. Corporate offices use integration or the services of professional integrators to develop custom-design and effective AV and communication systems, software applications, business management systems, IT systems, lighting systems and security & surveillance systems.


Putting together your perfect AV or lighting system is not half as easy as it sounds. It requires seamless integration programming, precision in design and perfect ingenuity to bring together several components to function exactly how you need it to. Although integration is a common term used for combining various subsystems to form one fully-operational system, the techniques involved in the integration of AV equipment, lighting equipment, and lighting control and surveillance systems differ. The integration of home and building systems is a crucial part of home automation and building control.

system integration programming

Integrated Lighting Systems, equipped with central control in commercial spaces allows convenient control of both daylight as well as electrical lighting from connected devices. Integration of lighting systems has increased in popularity both commercial and residential sectors, with demand for more effective and energy-efficient lighting systems with ease of control. However, integrated lighting is not restricted to residential and commercial lighting alone, its other applications include stage and theater lighting, architectural lighting and entertainment lighting systems.

lighting control

Stage, theater, and entertainment lighting include a whole range of lights and lighting equipment used in sequential or manual control, to provide effective lighting for events, theater plays and concerts. One major advantage of integration is the ability to swap out any defective or non-functional component instead of replacing the entire system. Another advantage is the convenience to choose the right components and any other specifications like programming, connectivity, and control to suit your requirements.

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Audio and Video System Integration is extremely popular among homes and residences on a global scale. AV integration includes custom designed systems from fully-functional home theater systems with surround sound and 3D Display to fully-automated motion-sensor controlled background music systems.

AV system Integration

In Corporate offices, professionally integrated AV systems can enhance the workplace in several ways. Integration of office AV equipment provides many features from connectivity and communication to convenient control and intuitive interfaces.


A few benefits of AV system integration in corporate offices include

  • Overhead paging systems,
  • Sound masking,
  • Company-wide audio,
  • Scalable presentation and event equipment,
  • Internet radio or digital satellite, and
  • Video conferencing.


Certain technical service providers and security technicians offer their services to set up seamlessly integrated surveillance and ELV systems. The main goal of complete integration is to achieve complete building control and to enhance the security and surveillance of a building significantly.


On the whole, System integration uses several methods to connect a number of components, with central control, which can be upgraded or replaced, improving their applicability and control substantially. The need for system integration in the UAE is at a constant high, for both Residential and Corporate applications. Find system integrators near you on our Yellowpages UAE website.

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