IPhone 6S And IPhone 6S Plus Round Up

Apple launched its IPhone 6S and 6 Plus, although the design of IPhone 6S like IPhone 6 but it has been packed with a better camera, faster processor, all new 3D touch and few other cool things which can make your work faster. It is packed with a larger screen and a completely new iPad-style design along with rounded corners and ultra-thin body.  They have also introduced three new features with the phone that is NFC, 3D touch and Apple Pay, the new Apple payment system. Over 13 million people have already bought the new iPhones by the end of September.

6S and 6 PlusThe phones come in Gold, Silver and Space gray color. Both the phones have a 64-bit A8 chip but the iPhone 6 plus is slightly thicker than the iPhone 6S by 0.2mm. The iPhone 6 plus has been powered packed  with optical image stabilization for the camera, and a longer battery life, and an iPad-style landscape mode displaying more content on screen

The iPhone 6S lacks certain features but it has got some makeovers in the Camera section like better sensor, improved tone mapping, enhanced noise reduction and the all-new Focus pixel technology increasing the ability to select autofocus points. There is also a 240fps slo-mo motion for videos besides the 1080p video mode at 60fps.

Apple has upgraded the body from some form of a standard aluminium alloy to 7000-series aluminium, a formulation used in all manner of high-end aluminium constructions including the Apple Watch Sport. Both the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus use this alloy style. Both phones have Apple’s new 3D Touch system stashed under those toughened Ion-X displays.

You can preview emails and website links, jump straight to key functions from app icons, and more. It still needs third party developers to update their apps before it’s a real hit, but the potential is vast. 3D Touch is the reason why both the iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone 6S are thicker and heavier than their predecessors, but it’s a worthwhile trade-off all-round.

3D touch

In terms of performance, the two phones are almost identical. Both utilise Apple’s new 64-bit A9 CPU, which boasts a faster clock speed than previous models and a significantly faster GPU. In fact, the A9 CPU manages a 70 percent boost over last year’s A8, while the PowerVR GT7600 GPU provides a 90 percent graphical boost and doubling the RAM to 2Gb.

Both phone’s batteries are smaller than their predecessors. This is because of the new Taptic Engine that Apple put in, to help communicate the new 3D Touch. However, the more efficient A9 CPU and Apple’s iOS 9 optimizations mean that battery life hasn’t suffered to any meaningful degree. The iPhone 6S will still comfortably last you through a full day of moderate usage while the iPhone 6S Plus can stretch to two days.

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