iPhone 7: Release Date, Features and More.

The wait is over, the rumors laid to rest, iPhone 7 and 7 plus is released. The reactions have been mixed for the most part, with customers from countries where the iPhone is yet to hit the stores rushing to book their iPhone online. On the other hand, negative reviews have loomed but not enough to discourage Apple users from purchasing the much-awaited iphone7 and 7 plus. Given the upgraded features on the new releases, iphone7, and 7 plus are expected to be the best-selling smartphones of the year.

iPhone 7 and 7 plus would be available at stores in UAE on Friday, 16th September. The price of the iPhone 7 begins at Dh 2,599 and iPhone 7 plus at Dh 3,099.


Upgraded Features:

The only improvements made to the design and display of the phone is the camera is made of the same aluminum as the rest of the phone this gives the phone a completely smooth finish. And the antennas of the phone have been redesigned.  The updated Retina HD display is 25% brighter than the iPhone 6 and also support 3D touch and enhanced color management.

Water and Dust Resistant: The iPhone 7 and 7 plus have an IP67 rating. This means the phone is completely protected against dust and would survive the effect of being immersed in water for a short period of time.

Wireless Technology: The new wireless technology introduced in the iPhone 7 is the W1 chip and will be available on all Apple products. The new technology would enable you to pair one device with another by simply placing them next to each other.

No Headphone Jacks: The old model of EarPods have been replaced with lightning EarPods. The headphone jack that occupied a space of 3.5mm has been removed to free space for other components.

Battery Life and Storage: The iPhone 7 is expected to last a couple of hours longer when compared to the previous models. An upgrade that was perhaps most needed was an increase in the amount of storage and iPhone 7 has not disappointed in this regard. There are three models available with a storage capacity of 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

Camera: The one component that has received a complete refurbishment is the camera. The camera of the iPhone 7 has a 7-mega pixel front camera, a Quad-LED true tone flash, 6-element lens and a 30% more energy efficient 12- megapixel sensor. The camera of the iPhone 7 plus is more advanced as it has a new dual lens camera, and can zoom up to 10x.

Power: The A10 fusion chipset is the best ever installed on a smartphone and will require only two-thirds of the power that the A9 consumes, enhancing battery life.


The upgraded features of the iPhone 7 present a few pros and cons to its users.

Pros: The longer battery life and resistance to water and dust are among the features that would benefit the user. The growing concern among Apple users that the use of radiation emitting earpods could put them in harm’s way. But these concerns over the health risks of using the earpods have been quelled by experts who are of the opinion that the new earpods are no different from other earphones and wearable fitness devices that emit radiation. The reason being the wireless headset transmits at a low power level and the exposure to electromagnetic radiation would be far lesser by using the earpods than by actually putting a phone to your ear. And you will never need to unknot earphones again.

Cons: The only component that might cause a bit of inconvenience is the wireless earpods. Users who like to plug in music in their cars or go through Bluetooth would not have the same audio experience as directly connecting your phone to the stereo.  But if your car has an auxiliary jack then you could buy an aux cord to enjoy music as you drive

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