iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is one of the most expected gadget of the year, and there have been countless predictions and rumours about the features of the new iPhone. Some of these rumours have evidence to support them and are likely to be present in the phone and the rest are just talking poppycock. Apple has a tradition of launching its phones in the fall. This year’s iPhone launch is very likely to be in September 2016. Iphone 7 is expected to be launched in three models Viz., iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro/Plus Premium.

What to expect in iPhone 7?


iPhone lovers can expect a thinner and sleeker phone. To do that, Apple is likely to remove the headphone jack which used to occupy 3.5 mm space. Alternatively, Apple might incorporate lightning ports to support the peripheral devices. These hardware changes could open up the possibility of significantly thin iPhone. Apple users would have to go for other alternatives like blue-tooth headphones or headphones designed to connect via lightning port. iPhone is expected to come up with a slightly bigger and curved screen with higher screen resolutions.

Hardware Changes

iPhone 7 is likely to have “Force Touch” home buttons instead of regular slightly concave iPhone home button. This feature would provide the sensation of pushing an actual button. But although, hands-free functionalities of Siri have reduced the need for a physical home button. It is all possible that iPhone 7 might ditch the home button.

Hardware Protection

iPhone 7 is expected to be equipped with dust resistant and waterproof chassis. You can expect hidden ports for USB charger or headphones that shut when the connectors are plugged out.

Data Security

With bigger screen, iPhone makers would be able to plug sensors for fingerprinting Identification. Fingerprint ID will enhance the data security in your phone. iPhone 7 is expected to come up with a stronger encryption of data and would be stored via its iCloud services. This will reduce the possibility of intruders hacking into your iPhone. This feature would attract the consumers in large but may upset few federal authorities.

Wireless Charging

It is possible for iPhone 7 to have a feature of wireless charging. Since iPhones panels are made up of aluminium, it was quite difficult for the makers of iPhone to make this a possibility. But recent events suggest that Apple is over the difficulty and has managed to find a way to add the wireless charging facility.

“Something unique”

Apple is likely to add an attribute from one of its successful patents which would disable video-recording in a iPhone, by an infrared signal in concert halls. This signal would be generated and enforced by an apple made system.


Apple music is expected to get integrated song lyrics using a specific interface for iTune lovers. iPhone is expected to be the first phone to have stereo speakers. iPhone 7 storage tier is expected to start from 32GB and might support upto 256GB of storage space which would allow you to install many more apps than before and store as many songs & videos you wish. With wireless charging, you could listen to music while charging your phone. And bigger screen would give a better visual experience.

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Things You Shouldn’t Expect

There are several futuristic expectations like 3D screen, flexible display, Spring-out virtual gaming joystick in the Home button which are very exciting to listen to but are not likely to be in the iPhone 7 launch.

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