Japanese restaurants and their delicacies

Japanese cuisine requires a lot of discipline from the chef. The preparation of any Japanese dish to perfection is nothing short of an art. The simple rolling of sushi can take a long time to master, as it requires skill to get the right amount of rice and fish and roll it out in the perfect shape and size. Japanese cuisine is sought after worldwide and restaurants strive to bring the traditional dishes with traditional ambience to guests. These restaurants serve dishes traditional Japanese dishes like sushi, tofu, tempura and Ramen. Japanese foods are some of the healthiest foods because of the large quantities of fresh fish and vegetables that are used. Rice is the staplejap food and is eaten at every meal. A variety of the Japanese signature dishes that are served in Japanese restaurants across the world are dishes cooked with Fish. Besides the food the ambience provided by these restaurants transports you to the far orient. Some Japanese restaurants also have a traditional tatami room. Tatami is the mats that are used as flooring. At these restaurants the guests would have to remove their footwear and be seated in traditional Japanese style. Though it would not be ideal for those who are not very flexible, the ambience brings a sense of calm and is unique from any other dining experience.

Here are some of the popular Japanese dishes that are a must try.

Sushi: The most popular Japanese dish is Sushi. Sushi is a dish that has raw fish wrapped in rice. Sushi is available is all luxury restaurants across the world. Mostly raw seafood is used but certain restaurants also use cooked seafood or vegetables and sometimes fruits are also used. Sushi was a dish that began as street food before making its way to the grandest of restaurants.

Ramen: Ramen is egg noodles in a salty broth. The broth is usually made from meat or fish. Soy sauce or miso is used to flavorjap 4 the dish. Different toppings are used such as pork, seaweed or onion. In Japan different localities serve ramen in their unique manner by using toppings and flavours that are unique to their environment.

Tempura: Tempura is a dish that is made by deep frying seafood or vegetables after dipping them in a batter. The batter is a mixture of eggs, baking soda, starch, wheat flour, oil, spices and water. Tempura is a delicious dish and various kinds of seafood are used in its preparation.

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