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image_oneYear of reading: The Government of UAE has declared the year 2016 as the Year of reading. This is an exemplary initiative to counter the reading crisis in the country. The Arab Reading Challenge has been announced and an integrated system has been set up to enable students in the UAE to read 50 million books by the end of the year. In accord with the Arab Reading Challenge there are many such measures taken to ensure the Future generations are in the same league with the rest of the world when it comes to knowledge.

• The UAE loans DH168 Million to foreign countries for renewable energy projects: The UAE has once again has proved its commitment to combating climate change and working towards clean energy by contributing a significant amount to four countries; Antigua and Barbuda, Cabo Verde, Burkina Faso and Senegal to set up wind and solar projects that would generate 12 megawatts of clean energy.
• Cycle to work UAE: Tuesday the 12th of January saw professionals from all disciplines take to their bikes and ride to work, in an endeavor to draw awareness to healthy living and the environment.
• XIAOMI smart phones to be released in the UAE: XIAOMI is geared up to launch its range of smart phones in the UAE. Red MI 2 pro, Red Mi note 2, Mi 41, Mi note are the products to hit the markets in the UAE.
Hankook 24h Dubai: Dubai Autodrome witnessed the 11th Hankook 24 hour series. The Belgian Audi Club team WRT crossed the finish line after completing 588 laps.
• 6th MAX Star Quiz Challenge 2016: The Interschool Quiz contest conducted by Star TV is all set to commence in February with 300 Schools in the UAE participating in the first elimination round. The topics range from science, current affairs, general knowledge, technology and sports.
• UAE now a GEO member: The UAE has become a member of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), an organization established in 2005 to bring open access of all Earth Observation data.
Cyber Security preparedness: The United Nations Telecommunications Union’s “Global Cyber Security Index” has ranked UAE 17th in the world when it comes to cyber security preparedness. The National Cyber Security Authority of the UAE has been impressive in the face of cyber threats, which has resulted in the high ranking of the nation.

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