Last Week in UAE

UAE Celebrates Eid: Every week in UAE is as eventful as the last. The cities in UAE are bustling with activities. Constructions, events, exhibitions, theatre performances, music performances and so on that make the cities of UAE one of the liveliest places in the world to live in. But the week that most look forward too is the week during which Eid is celebrated. Last Week Followers of Islam around the world celebrated Eid Al Fitr. The celebrations that take place in the UAE are unique because the celebrations are an exceptional blend of the old and the new. In times before information was spread through technology, the news that Eid had begun was announced with the firing of gunshots to the sky. Emiratis in the neighboring tribes would hear the shots fired and also do likewise thus spreading the Joyful news of the arrival of Eid. These traditions are still being kept alive in some parts of the country.  The prayers and the delicacies that are served during the festivities that follow are no different from yesteryears.


UAE helps Pakistan in its fight against Polio: In the past 2 years, UAE has provided Pakistani children under the age of five with polio vaccines. From January 2014 to May 2016 UAE provided Pakistan with 116,177,794 million polio vaccines. This is a part of the UAE’s efforts to eradicate polio worldwide by 2018. In 2013 the government of UAE has pledged to spend AED 440 million on wiping polio off the face of the earth.

Ramada Bur Dubai: The oldest hotel in Dubai that has been in service since 1983 would be demolished this year and renovated with a much more elegant design.  The new building would comprise of an 180 room 5-star hotel and 120 luxury apartments not to mention the sprawling 8000 meters shopping complex with supermarkets and retail outlets. It was an emotional decision for the management of the hotel but they have decided to commence demolition at the site in October this year. The establishment is expected to be completed by 2019. The stained glass pillar, at the hotel, which stands at a height of 41 meters and holds the world record for the tallest stained glass, would be auctioned.


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