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Tourism Leadership Program:

In collaboration with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the ministry of Economy of the UAE will host a “Tourism Leadership Program” from October 30th to November 3rd.  This program will be conducted with the objectives of improving service levels, to enhance the abilities of the tourism sector and to develop a strategic five-year plan for the development of the tourism sector.

The Tourism sector of UAE is one of the major pillars that supports the economy of the UAE and enables the country to diversify its economy and cease to be dependent on oil exports.  The Minister of Economy, Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri, stated that the ministry would strive to market the UAE as a tourist destination and reinforce the unique tourism potential of each Emirate.  The Ministry is also coordinating with the United Nations and providing training and educational programs for those employed in the tourism sector of the nation.

The Tourism Leadership program is one such course that would focus on leadership and communication in tourism.


BMW to Use Apple CarPlay:

Apple CarPlay would be installed in some of the models of BMW that would be released in 2017. An Apple CarPlay enables Apple users to connect their phone directly to car’s built-in entertainment system of the vehicle. Apple CarPlay allows users to make calls, listen to voicemail, and reply to text messages by dictating the message, so you do not have to look at your phone while driving.  



First Driverless Car Takes a Trip Around Downtown Dubai:

Driverless cars are the future of the automotive industry and the cars are being tested in Dubai. The EZ10, an electric shuttle bus carries passengers from Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard/Finacial Centre Street intersection to Vida Hotel in Downtown Dubai, a short 700-meter distance. The EZ10 can travel up to speeds of 40kmph and the Road and Transport Authority have plans to use Driverless cars on various routes in Dubai.


Indoor Tropical Rainforest Opens in Dubai:

The Green Planet, an indoor tropical rainforest that houses 3000 species of plants and 800 animals is all set to open in Dubai. The rainforest will also have the world’s largest man-made tree. Plants and animals from rainforests around the world have been brought to The Green Planet, which will be a place to educate children on the species of plants and animals of rainforests. The entry fee to the indoor tropical rainforest will be Dh95 for adults and Dh70 for children below 12.



Masdar has developed a System to Predict Dust Conditions in UAE:

The system is capable of predicting dust conditions in advance. Dust and sandstorms in UAE have been a menace, known for disrupting traffic and agriculture and causing respiratory disease. The system developed by Masdar institute will now be able to predict sandstorms and dust levels accurately and enable citizens to take the necessary precautions.

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