Last Week in UAE

Audi A4 Released in UAE: The 2016 version of Audi A4 was released in UAE. The model was the bestseller of the brand till 2012. The new version does not have any major upgrades done on the body. However, the technology inside the car inside the car has received a facelift. The car has the MMI infotainment system along with customizable virtual cockpit options.


Nissan Wins MECOTY: Nissan has won the 2016 Middle East Car of the Year Awards in three categories. In the Best Large Sedan category Maxima was at the top and the Patrol won the Best Large SUV. The Special King of the Desert was awarded to the Patrol Desert Edition. The Middle East Car of the Year Awards is one of the most prestigious of awards in the world.

UAE to build and Artificial Mountain: The plan to build an artificial mountain in UAE to bring more rainfall to the nation is in the first stage of research. After the research if the engineers can come up with the right plan that would fit the government budget the project would begin. A project that would alter nature and improve the amount of rainfall the region gets.
18 carat diamond studded credit card: Consumers in UAE have been acquiring an 18 carat diamond studded credit card for the price of $25000. Luxury items are always popular purchase in UAE and it is no different in the case of the diamond studded credit card.


Green Lighting Initiative: An initiative to increase the use of LED lights and other energy efficient products in underway in UAE. The UAE has stayed committed to the cause of fighting climate change. The nation is doing all in its power to increase the use of energy efficient products.

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