Mega Construction Projects in Dubai

They don’t want a shortage of Edifices adorning their city. The magnitude of the projects underway and the number of projects that are set for completion in a calendar year should be a record of sorts. But the city of Dubai does not stop to look back at their accomplishments. With its sight set on the future; the projects underway prove that they have set about redefining extravagance in their own unique way.

Dubai Opera House:The Dubai house that would find its place in the heart of the Opera District is expected to be the cynosure of the cultural hub. The Opera house would have a capacity of two thousand seats and facilities for performances of all kinds of arts. The Opera District, Downtown Dubai would also comprise of hotels, waterfront promenades, a retail plaza and recreational spaces and these would be constructed around art galleries and design studios. The Dubai Opera house is anticipated to make Dubai, a strong contender, to become the hub for culture and art in the MENA region, if not of the world in the years to come. The construction is expected to be completed in March, next year.

Dubai Frame: The Dubai Frame stands at 492 feet at the gate of Zabeel Park. An architectural wonder, visitors could have a view of modern Dubai from one side of the frame and from the other side the parts of the city that have not parted with its traditional look. An iconic structure that stands in between; portraying the image of the new and the old Dubai.


Dubai Water Canal: Another massive project underway is the Dubai Water Canal. The width of the canal would be 80 to 120 meters, 6 meters deep and is 2.9 kilometers long. The AED 2 billion water canal is an extension of the Deira creek and it will link Business bay to the Arabian Sea.


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