Most Commonly Used Cranes

Cranes are the most commonly used construction equipment. A crane is a piece of machinery that works on the principles of a pulley. A crane is built in the form of a tower which has cables and pulleys. They are used to lift weights and move heavy objects. They are a necessity in the construction of tall structures. Some of the most commonly used cranes in the construction industry mobile and rough terrain cranes and so on. Each type of crane is built to achieve a particular purpose. The massive construction projects that were undertaken in cities like Dubai saw the extensive use of cranes.  They are controlled by push button pendant control station or by radio controls. The invention of cranes has benefited the construction industry and prime heavy machinery used in the industry.


A mobile crane is a crane that is mounted on a truck. A mobile crane provide the construction companies with a few advantages. They can be made available at any given location which is a huge bonus because the transport of other cranes could prove to be a tedious task.

Rough terrain cranes: Similar to the mobile cranes, a rough terrain crane is also mounted on trucks that are specifically built to be driven on rough terrains. A rough terrain crane is extremely useful if the construction site is at a location where the truck would have to be driven off road. These cranes are an efficient piece of construction equipment.

Tower cranes: A tower crane is built in the form of huge towers and work on the principle of a pulley. They are mostly used in the construction of tall structures. Tower cranes are modern and function on the principle of balance. A tower crane is most efficient when weights are needed to be lifted to greater heights and unlike mobile cranes are fixed to the ground.


Overhead Cranes: An overhead crane usually finds a place in factories and are capable of lifting heavy loads. These cranes have a hoist that is fitted to a trolley and when the trolley is in motion the crane moves carrying the load forward.

Telescopic Cranes: A telescopic crane functions on a hydraulic mechanism and the hydraulics helps the tubes that are fitted in the boom to extend in length or shorten.

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